Zac Efron Movies Ranked From When He Was Really Sexy To Just Kinda Ehhh

Throwback to 2006 when a fresh-faced 18-year-old Zac Efron came onto the scene and was granted the crown as ultimate teen boy crush of the moment. Unfortunately not all love lasts forever.

Zac Efron is without argument a very good looking human person. So the spectrum he moves across really only ranges from “DAMNNNNN” to “Yea not my top pick but would still jump at the chance”.

But the truth is, early-day Zac was just better and that is not a subjective opinion – that is hard-hitting objective journalism comin’ atchya. Yes, Zac Efron did play a crucial role in my sexual awakening and yes I did build a Zac Efron mural made out of printed out and carefully cut pictures I found on the internet. But this ranking is 100% unbiased.

Like I said, he’s still firmly on the naturally gifted side of the spectrum at all times and I’m not saying I would necessarily ever say no, per se, if Zac propositioned me. However, each time he returns to the screen we naturally must ask ourselves, “to thirst or not to thirst?”

Here are my/THE answers ranked from absolute thirst to yea I might have a sip but I’m all round pretty well hydrated.


Let us all agree that Zac Efron as Link was the peak thirst trap of his career. The late 50’s/early 60’s were the era for this boy. The tight fitted high rider pants and that hair – ooooooft HELLO. I died when he sang ‘Ladies Choice’ and every time he winked.

And this moment changed the world as we know it:

Image result for hairspray zac efron

Oh my.

High School Musical Franchise

While we should acknowledge that it’s no longer appropriate to lust after High School Musical 1’s Troy Bolton if you’re no longer in the teens (if you are tho, get around it), I think we can all acknowledge that Troy was ultimate boy crush.

Image result for high school musical troy

He had a real sheen about him that just said ‘golden boi’, and we ate it right up.

HSM 2 might have gone overboard with the fake tan but Troy was still a snack. Also, how can you not be attracted to Zac Efron performing ‘Bet On It’ – it’s physically impossible.

HSM 3 #NeverForget

17 Again

Remember that post make-over scene with the car and the glasses and the jacket and the heart palpitations and the drooling and the R-rated fantasies? Same.

Although, still struggling to suspend disbelief and accept that Zac Efron could grow up to look like Chanandler Bong.

Charlie St Cloud

This was a good time.

Nothing not to like about young-20’s slim-build Zac playing the hot but sensitive manboy of our dreams.

The Lucky Ones

Putting aside the fact that this is a terrible movie and Zac’s facial hair makes his face look overly round, he still looks pretty damn hot.

Image result for zac efron lucky ones

If a random dude is going to show up and take an overt interest in your life, they may as well look like this.

That Awkward Moment/Are We Officially Dating

Zac Efron plays the fuckboi character well. He’s clearly a shit bloke but he’s funny and has some endearing qualities that make you stilllll kinda want to hit that (the character, not Zac, I’m sure he’s lovely). So yea, he nailed it.

Not the best hair but still an all-round thirst trap.

The Greatest Showman

Not sure about sideburns, although the Hugh Jackman aesthetic isn’t totally horrible. Points for on-screen singing and good taste in women #ZendayaIsABabe.

Image result for greatest showman zac efron

New Years Eve

Bad haircut. All I’m sayin’.

Image result for new years eve zac efron

We Are Your Friends

Zac Efron in mostly tank tops playing mediocre EDM music in a movie about dj-ing that is decidedly shitty.

Image result for we are your friends zac efron

Underwhelmed by this mostly because boys-who-are-aspiring-DJs are everywhere and their generic aspirations are exhausting.

Bad Neighbours

This overly jacked frat boi aesthetic is scoring him very few points in my book, probably because he looks like the kind of guy who texts you at 3am and never offers to wear a condom.

Image result for neighbours zac efron

I get let-me-tell-you-how-often-I-go-to-the-gym vibes from this era Zac and I don’t love it.


Too swoll for my taste. And too polished.

It seems that over time, Zac embraced the ‘hunk’ aesthetic too enthusiastically. As Rob Stott wrote for Junkee, “The Age Of The Hunk is over, and Zac Efron killed it. History is a pendulum, eventually, it has to swing back in the other direction. With Efron, the hunks got so big, so swole, that Hollywood had no choice but to head in the other direction. Efron was the Icarus of of hunks – he flew too close to the sun.”

Look, I’m not saying it’s HORRIBLE…

But I’m just saying bring this era Efron back ammirite.

Please and thank you.