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Zayn Malik Got A New Tattoo & Angry Fans Reckon It’s Of Gigi Hadid

Zayn Malik has a new tattoo.

* Cue super-fans losing their shit and tearing down the internet *

Malik unveiled his fresh ink – a pair of sexy eyes across his chest in a video posted to his long-time girlfriend Gigi Hadid’s ‘gram. His followers have quickly decided that they must be Gigi’s eyes and hell no, this is NOT OKAY… I guess.

Here are the eyes in question for your own judgement:

Look, they are pretty similar but I could probz show you another 10 million set of peepers that’d look comparable as well.

But NAH, for this story’s sake let’s just say they are Gigi’s eyes and Zayn wanted to dedicate one of his (many, many) tatts to the supermodel.

Well, fans are filthy because this isn’t the first time the ex 1D dude has inked a girlfriend on to his skin. When he was dating Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards it was rumoured he had the singer’s silhouette scribed across his bicep. He since had to get it covered with another tattoo, ‘cos awkward.

With Zayn possibly not learning from his mistakes, some fans are pretty furious with the ‘Pillow Talk‘ singer. They are very invested in this dude and his precious flesh canvas. HOW. DARE. HE.

(Sidenote: let him live, maybe)

Here’s what they’re saying on Twitter:

Let’s be real for a quick sec, are we really surprised? Zayn just has a lot of shitty tattoos.

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