zooper dooper flavours ranking

This Is The Correct Ranking Of Zooper Dooper Flavours

There’s nothing like slicing off the top of a Zooper Dooper on a steaming, hot summer’s day.

Zooper Doopers are a cherished part of most Aussie childhoods, but it’s time to acknowledge that not all flavours were created equal — in fact, some are straight-up disgusting.

It’s now time to rank the flavours once and for all, so I spent a casual arvo attempting to polish off an entire packet. We are strictly talking about the OG flavours here, so no sour or weird varieties.

This is the only correct ranking of Zooper Doopers:

#8. Orange

Absolutely disgusting. The worst. It’s so overpowering, I just can’t even eat more than two gulps. Anyone that enjoys orange-flavoured things does not know actual joy. Who wants to eat something that tastes like a crushed Vitamin C in cough syrup? This shit is poison.

zooper dooper flavours ranking

#7. Lime

If I had to choose between orange or lime, I’d throw them both in the bin because they are awful. Lime is only slightly better because the flavour isn’t quite as intense as the orange but it’s still rubbish. Like, it’s refreshing but I would never choose this flavour. Imho, if it’s green it should be apple flavoured.

#6. Raspberry

Raspberry is fine, it’s just such a basic and super predictable flavour. Also this particular variety had a sour aftertaste that was unpleasant. Not a fan.

zooper dooper flavours ranking

#5. Bubblegum

Bubblegum is not terrible but also…it’s not particularly good??? I honestly don’t know how this even tastes like bubblegum. It tastes blue. Like a tarty blue icy stick. It’s not unpleasant but there are some strong nondescript flavours happening that I’m not about.

zooper dooper flavours ranking

#4. Blackcurrant

Now, we’re talking! Blackcurrant is nice! Not amazing, but still good! Honestly it tastes like a shot of Ribena, so if that floats your boat, go at it.

zooper dooper flavours ranking

#3. Pineapple

I love pineapple-flavoured anything, and this is no exception. It’s so fruity and delicious; it tastes like summer. Some pineapple varieties can be overpowering but this one isn’t too full on or sweet.

zooper dooper flavours ranking

#2. Cola

Cola can be a slippery slope. Some cola varieties taste super fake and artificial, like drinking homebrand coke. The horror! But this cola version is delicious and addictive. It’s so yummy, once you start eating you can’t stop.

zooper dooper flavours ranking

#1. Fairy Floss

This is the superior flavour. No arguments. Not just because I’m basic and often pick the cutest pink shade when given the option, but it tastes the best. It’s pretty sweet, I know. But what do you want from an icy pole, bitch? IT’S FROZEN LIQUID SUGAR.

It’s a bloody flavour explosion and I could inhale five of these in one sitting. Delicious.

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