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‘365 Days: This Day’ Memes Almost As Bonkers As The Sequel

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It’s time to banish your mum and dad from watching Netflix with you, as the much-anticipated sequel to raunchfest 365 Days has arrived in all its horny glory.

The follow-up film, titled 365 Days: This Day, follows the original movie’s unprecedented success on the streaming platform. The Polish erotic thriller revolves around a woman named Laura, who is kidnapped by mobster Massimo and given a year (aka 365 days) to fall in love with him. And of course, she does.

The movie seemingly came out of nowhere before it skyrocketed to the top of Netflix around the world. This was despite it receiving almost universally negative reviews for its problematic storylines and abysmal acting – the film currently has a score of 0% on Rotten Tomatoes.

But no one is watching 365 Days for the plot; they’re watching it for the steamy sex scenes. And the sex in both movies is actually something worth enduring the often cringe-worthy moments.

Unlike sex scenes in other movies which have historically favoured male pleasure over female, both 365 Days films feature scenes focused on the movie’s protagonist Laura’s sexual needs, and the sequel even incorporates vibrators during penetrative sex which is truly something to celebrate.

Warning: The rest of this story contains big spoilers about the latest 365 Days movie. 

365 Days: This Day has even more sex than the first movie and the storylines are equally baffling. The film begins with Laura and Massimo getting married and going on a honeymoon, but their happiness is short-lived as by the time they return to Sicily, Massimo reveals he’s been hiding a secret: he has a brother! A brother! And if that wasn’t bad enough, Laura thinks she has caught Massimo cheating on her, but all is not what it seems: Massimo probably should have mentioned his brother (his brother!) was also an identical twin.

Are you keeping up? Anyways, Laura is devastated and runs straight into the arms of ridiculously handsome gardener, Nacho. Luckily for Laura, like Massimo, Nacho is super rich so they escape to a beachside villa to spend the middle of the movie having sex repeatedly.

The sequel ends with Massimo coming face-to-face with his brother, as Laura realised she has abandoned Massimo unfairly. Then Laura got shot in the stomach. She’s probably dead. Uh oh.

ICYMI: this movie is very silly! But did I watch the entire thing from start to finish? Absolutely. While the movie itself might be hard to follow, the memes are perfection.

The best memes about 365 Days: This Day that are almost as bonkers as the sequel:















365 Days: This Day can be streamed on Netflix.