It’s Time To Admit ‘4ever’ By The Veronicas Is Better Than ‘Untouched’

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The Veronicas are undoubtedly the modern queens of Aussie pop music.

From their emergence on the pop scene in the mid-’00s to their lasting endurance as touring artists and reality TV icons, the twins have captivated us ever since the release of their 2005 debut album The Secret Life Of… 

Now, it goes without saying that The Veronicas song ‘Untouched’ from their second album Hook Me Up is the unofficial Australian national anthem. It was a banger when it was first released in 2007 and somewhere along the way in the late-2010s, the song got a second wind and has since been known to be the number one choice in karaoke song*, start circle pits, and even get old aunt Muriel up and dancing at a wedding*.

*These facts may or may not be true and perhaps only relevant to the author’s life.

So yes: ‘Untouched‘ is a good song. A great song. A certified banger. Something I often want to scream into the face of my crush.

But it’s time we all admitted what we know is true.

The Veronicas debut single ‘4ever’ is actually a way superior song.

Now, we all know good old nostalgia makes us put on some rose-coloured glasses but ‘4ever’ still holds up as an iconic pop tune even in the year 2021. Dare I say it, it could actually be pop perfection.

Listen to The Veronicas’ ‘4ever’ below and try to argue.

Not only does it transport you back to the heyday of pop-rock – a time in life where wearing oversized beads, scarves as headbands, skinny leg pants, black nails, and a layered multi-coloured haircut was peak fashion, but it’s an instant reminder of how freeing and fun life was back then. The novel coronavirus? Don’t know her. Closed borders? Doesn’t make sense to me! The blissful urge of listening to ‘4ever’ and thinking of your latest crush and whether you’d happen to run into them at Sanity on the weekend? A priceless feeling.

Nostalgia aside, as soon as you launch into the chorus of ‘Come on baby we ain’t gonna live forever/
Let me show you all the things that we could do,’ it’s an instant serotonin boost. Hell yeah, we aren’t going to live forever! Go pash your crush, jump into a pool fully clothed, do that third tequila shot (responsibly), DM that hottie on Instagram, call your best friend and tell them you love them! The chorus is a perfect mix of reckless abandonment and hope, two things we haven’t been able to cling onto all that much in the last two years. It’s a throwback of better days from the past, and a reminder of better days to come.

Minus the serotonin-boosting chorus, ‘4ever’ really has it all. Angsty guitars, sassy lyrics, perfect harmonies, that one big note that has you screaming ‘foreeVVVEeeer’ along with Jess, except you’re wildly out of pitch but it doesn’t matter.

While we’re praising the pop perfection of ‘4ever’, it’s important to note the song really can do it all: it’s a perfect car singalong, you can listen to it up to seven times in one day and not get bored of it (tried and tested method), and most importantly – you don’t lose your breath as much as you do when you’re trying to nail ‘Untouched’.

Also, if you need one more reason to be convinced that ‘4ever’ is actually the best song by The Veronicas, have you seen the live version? Open up that motherfucking pit!

‘Untouched’, of course, will always hold a special place in our hearts. But it’s time to agree the number one song by The Veronicas is its older, wiser, and sassier sister ‘4ever’.

I never thought I’d say this, but take me back to 2005.