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9 Hard Hitting Questions We Had After Rewatching ‘H20 Just Add Water’

Hands down, H20: Just Add Water was one of the best shows of its time. It took the being-a-mermaid fantasy to the next level and it was great, wholesome Aussie TV. (Bring it baaaaaack).

Three teen girls who turn into mermaids within 10 seconds of contact with water – HELLO. This was, is, and will always be a GENIUS premise for TV. No wonder they froffed over our Gold Coast produced mer-teen show in America as well.

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Now, thanks to the streaming gods, H20: Just Add Water is on Netflix atm, so you can relish in that wonderful teen mermaid vibes and throwback to 2007, when the show first aired.

Go back to where it all began for Cleo, Emma and Rikki in the moon pool on Mako Island, and you’ll remember the many, many questions and confusions that were just a part of the viewing experience.

I guess when they’re inventing a magical mermaid plot we’re meant to suspend our disbelief, but still, I think we all had some questions on our mind that will linger on 4eva.

So in solidarity, we’ve rounded up the top 9 questions we had while watching H20: Just Add Water:

1. Why don’t they grow tails when they sweat?

Or when they lick their lips? Does saliva count? What about when they cry?

What’s the story??? Where is the line drawn?

2. Why does this theme song bang so hard?

MAJOR question. HUGE.

“I’m no ooooordinaaaary giiiiiirlllll”

A timeless anthem.

3. Where can I get me a mermaid tail?

Those tails looked damn good and super realistic and let’s be honest we all wanted to have a go in one.

All three main actresses actually trained for months to learn how to swim with the ‘monofin’ (and hold their breath…while looking cute).

Then the tails were custom made for each of them using a plaster mould. I’m sure if we could find the right connections and talk to the right people surely someone could get us an opportunity to try on the tails.

4. Is the mermaid thing hypothetically… hereditary?

This confused binge-watcher has raised some fair points:

If Lewis and Cleo ever (finally) get it on and eventually procreate, are we talking little mer-freaks or what? Also refer

5. Remember Byron, he was a babe…

Not technically a question but damn. Actually, here’s a question – why wasn’t Emma getting on that ASAP? C’mon Emma don’t waste time when the boi is that fine.

6. Why was this old lady always so cryptic?

Real talk, why couldn’t Miss Chatham be straight up about what she knows re: the mermaid sitch?

Clearly her and her mates visited the moon pool and grew tails in their teens, so she knows a lot of shit that could be VERY helpful for Cleo, Emma and Rikki.

But of course, instead of being upfront with her intel, she goes instead for the confusing, cryptic delivery of sparse info that is often ominous as fuckkk.

Like “Maybe you’ll be alright”

Tell us what you know Miss Chatham! Zero stars for clarity.

7. Why did Cleo have so many headbands?

Cleo rocked a lot of hair accessories and you know what, let’s put these stylistic choices down as just a phase.

Datei:Tumblr m8diferTTU1r4pk8t.gif

I guess Pheobe Tonkin’s exquisite beauty helps them get away with a lot of her more out there ‘looks’.

8. Sorry, but are their clothes ugly or was that on trend?

The fashion was questionable and confusing at best.

I’m being shallow, yes, and I appreciate that they were dressed to look wholesome but yeahhhhh. It’s a no from me. Skirts over leggings is never ok.

9. Was this show just a huge metaphor…?

Twitter user @Pug_pro poses a solid case for the show being one big ass symbol for queern culture, and tbh the argument is pretty convincing.

Did they intentionally produce content for the queer TV canon or was this just a happy coincidence? Who TF knows!

So many questions for H20: Just Add Water, so please, @ us with some answers.

Images via Network Ten.

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