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American Teens Have Discovered ‘H2O: Just Add Water’ & Are Roasting Us To Death

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American teens have discovered Australian series H20: Just Add Water and they are roasting the show to death on TikTok.

Most of the bizarre TikTok clips involve water being spilt, people attempting and butchering an Aussie accent or someone wriggling around in a homemade mermaid tail.

Pedestrian.TV reporter Brad Esposito first brought the trend to my attention and it turns out there are hundreds of these clips flooding (lol) TikTok.

Ugh. Yep. The accents are out of control and I feel incredibly seen.

Please enjoy these extremely dank but hilarious attempts to imitate H20: Just Add Water!

The entire TikTok community is living for the Aussie series. As for the accents, well, yeah we are aware that this is how we talk. It is our cross to bear.

This Aussie TikTok user has had ENOUGH…

WE KNOW WHAT WE SOUND LIKE. Honestly, you guys don’t need to rub it in.