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Abbie Chatfield Revealed She Was Body-Shamed On ‘The Bachelor’

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It feels like a lifetime ago that Abbie Chatfield was on The Bachelor. Between her stints on different TV shows, her podcast, her vibrator range, and now radio show, Abbie has well and truly moved on from coming runner-up on the 2019 season.

Abbie famously copped a villain edit on The Bachelor, as she found herself at odds with several of the women on her season, clashing with Monique Morley and Elly Miles, among others. But despite her often unflattering depiction, she won over fans for her wit, obvious chemistry with Matt Agnew, and for being unapologetically sex-positive.

Reflecting on her time on the show, Abbie discussed what viewers didn’t see on her drive-home gig, Hot Nights with Abbie. The I’m A Celebrity winner went on to drop a bombshell: she claims she was body-shamed by another contestant.

“[I’d] just sit and eat dumplings all day while all the girls were working out,” she began. “Then one time someone said to me — I’m not going to say who — someone said: ‘Aren’t you worried that Matt isn’t going to like you because you’re gaining weight?'”

Watch Abbie Chatfield relay the awful story below:

Abbie is known for her body-positivity, often clapping back to criticism of her body by online trolls on her Instagram account.

This isn’t the first time Abbie has spoken out about her treatment by the other women on The Bachelor. Appearing on The Briefing podcast in 2021, she recalled feeling surprised that she copped a villain edit considering she felt victimised during the season. “I thought that I was going to be the sook and then when I was the villain, I was like, ‘But I was bullied!’ And I kind of I realised that it was because they had so much footage of all the girls hating me,” she told host Jamila Rizvi.

In another part of the Hot Nights segment, Abbie revealed how much she was paid for the Bachy gig. “I got paid $90 a day, but for me, it ended up being much more because I didn’t work for three months,” she said, adding that the money was tax-free. “So I actually got money back on my tax that year and I came out with no expenses, so I had savings. It was great, I came out with like, $10,000 because I was there for three months.”

She also shared that in the Bachy mansion, 28 girls had to share three bathrooms which she described as a “nightmare”. Regarding cocktail parties, Abbie spilled that contestants could only have one alcoholic drink every half hour making it “near impossible to get drunk”.