Abbie Chatfield Responds To MAFS Cast Carolina Santos Olivia Frazer Daniel Holmes

Abbie Chatfield Has Put The ‘MAFS’ Cast On Blast On Her Podcast

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Abbie Chatfield has finally addressed the drama between herself and some of the Married at First Sight cast over Domenica Calarco’s spin-off series, Dom’s Debrief. 

Abbie has taken to her It’s A Lot podcast to respond to Carolina Santos, Olivia Frazer and Daniel Holmes after they called her out for defending Dom.

To give you a quick rundown on what has happened in the past week: Abbie got into an online scrap with a couple of the cast members from this year’s Married At First Sight, after she called them out for posting negative comments under Dom’s MAFS spin-off trailer, with Abbie saying that they were ‘jealous’ of Dom.

Abbie Chatfield Vs Season 9 Married At First Sight Cast Carolina Santos Daniel Lonie Domenica Calarco Holmes

In response, Olivia, Carolina and Daniel took to their Instagram Stories, calling Abbie out for inserting herself into MAFS drama despite being from The Bachelor. Since then, Abbie took to her podcast to respond, and let’s just say Abbie’s clapbacks are ~mint~.


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So to breakdown all the tea, here is everything Abbie addressed in her podcast about the recent MAFS drama.

Her response to Carolina

First up to be called out was Carolina, who questioned Abbie’s actions on her Instagram Story, saying, “wasn’t that you that also left The Bachelor coping a lot of hate and being slut-shamed because of your actions?”


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In response to Carolina, Abbie explained that her experience on The Bachelor was what prompted her to defend Dom. “That’s why I align with Domenica, the person who was slut-shamed not the people who were slut-shaming…I know that Olivia was slut-shaming her so yeah, that was me. So this should make perfect sense.”

After playing another snippet from Carolina’s Instagram Story where she says, “For somebody like you who went through the same shit that we’re going through,” Abbie fully ripped into her. “Let’s be clear, I didn’t go through the same shit that you went through. I was never mean to anyone. I was never rude to anyone. I never exposed someone’s OnlyFans. I was slut-shamed for humping someone on the beach…Actually, it’s interesting that you [Carolina] think that I should feel sympathy for the people who were slut-shaming someone”.

During Carolina’s Insta Story, she also suggested that Abbie should ‘shut her mouth’ and ‘stay in her lane’. However, Abbie clapped back once again, replying “I’m actually paid in multiple ways to commentate on pop culture,” she said. “My lane is actually Australian pop culture.”

Her response to Olivia

Olivia replied to Abbie’s comment via a Q&A sesh on Instagram, and let’s just say it was MESSY AF.

When asked about Abbie’s comment, Olivia said, “She wasn’t a cast member on our show, she wasn’t behind the scenes. She has no idea what she is talking about. I think uneducated people should probably stay in their lane.”

In response, Abbie called out the “uneducated” comment, replying “I am so involved in TV, some of my best friends are like Chrissie Swan… My best friends are producers, even if I wasn’t on TV like I am, I would still f*cking have an understanding but I also am on TV so I’m not uneducated. Again, you’ve [Olivia] been on one reality show one time. I was genuinely explaining to you how/why you may perceive the producers may have favourites.”

Her response to Daniel

Daniel also responded to Abbie in a Q&A sesh, where he called Abbie some “washed-up chick from The Bachelor, or something,” and accused her podcast It’s A Lot of borrowing “the formula from Call Her Daddy”. 


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Abbie first addressed the Call Her Daddy comment saying, “Just because it’s a woman talking, Daniel, doesn’t mean it’s the same as every other podcast.”

She then called out Daniel for his concerning comment under the So Dramatic! post, with the MAFS groom commenting “DANIEL V ABBIE 2023 [boxing glove emoji] sign the contract!!” 

Abbie broke out in song, sarcastically singing, “How cool is hitting girls, it’s really cool to threaten to hit women. Why would you wanna box me?” Yikes!

Abbie then went on to check Daniel on his washed-up comment, saying “The reason why all the headlines had my name in it is because I’m not washed-up. It gets clicks.”

To show her solidarity with Dom, Abbie linked Dom and Ella’s podcast Sit With Us in the episode description, alongside a link to Dom’s Debrief. 

In all honestly, I really don’t think this will be the end for the MAFS drama. It always finds its way to come back and creep up on us!