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What Happened When I Met Angela White, The ‘Meryl Streep Of Porn’

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When one of my best mates peeped over my shoulder and saw my calendar with the event ‘Angela White interview’ they immediately gasped and I wasn’t even a little bit surprised a woman like Angela White deserves a gasp. 

She is Australia’s most decorated adult performer with over 50 awards under her belt including ‘Female Performer of the Year’, ‘Best Oral Sex Scene’ and ‘Most Spectacular Boobs’. (She’s actually won that last one three times.) She’s been in the industry for two decades and counting and is one of the most beloved performers as well as a bonafide director, producer, editor and businesswoman. With a resumé like Angela’s, it’s easy to see why she’s been dubbed the ‘Meryl Streep Of Porn’ – and why I was incredibly nervous to interview her.

When Angela arrived at the office front door she was all smiles, hugging me and saying she was excited for the chat. While I know it was meant as a compliment, it only further stirred up the butterflies in my stomach. 

We passed the office dogs (Sassy and Hottie) with a pat and descended down to the studio. Angela was in an all-black outfit – skinny jeans, patent leather heels, a big buckle belt, black skivvy and a silver chain necklace with the initials AW hanging above her (award-winning) boobs. She looked phenomenal. Super polished, incredibly striking, and a stark comparison to my un-ironed-skirt self. 

Angela sat down on her assigned couch and it was impossible to ignore how good her posture was. She didn’t lean back for the entirety of the hour-long chat but instead perched on the edge of the sofa. And while this would have certainly felt like strenuous exercise for me, Angela looked comfy – as if clenching every single one of her muscles was no big deal. 

We started the interview. I had a whole list of questions printed out in front of me, but I barely looked at them for the whole chat. This was for two reasons: for one, Angela is extremely charismatic and a great conversationalist, so things just rolled on like two old pals over a couple of cocktails. But also, she never looked away. I’ve never had such intense eye contact with anyone in my life before. She stared, wide-eyed, at me the whole time and I certainly wasn’t going to be the one to break the magic, so I avoided looking at my questions and hoped for the best.

And it really was the best. 

Angela answered everything honestly, with humour and a gorgeous sense of self. She knows exactly why she’s made every move in her career and she’s proud of her success – but in that loveable deflective way so familiar to Aussies. 

We chatted about sex (obviously), relationships, masturbation, queerness, family, rashes, gangbangs and even the logistics of shooting porn in outer space. And if you don’t believe me, you can watch every moment of it right here.

Thank you, Angela White, for this conversation and please come back soon. Hottie and Sassy miss you too. 

Image credit: Supplied + Punkee