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Why You Absolutely Need To Know Your Sex Sign

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Uncovering creepy little details about the psychology of sex is my favourite pastime, and I have just stumbled across perhaps my greatest discovery: sex signs.

For the woo woo girlies among us, star signs, sun signs and moon signs help navigate conflict, relationships and careers, but now sex signs are here to make sense of our bedroom antics. Let me explain. 

Sex signs are ‘houses’ of communication that each person slots into. They can tell us an awful lot about what we want sexually and how we navigate sexual scenarios. These ‘houses’ fall into four categories created by Dr Jen Freed, a psychological astrologer and emotional education trainer: Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. 

To find out which sign you are, have a little scroll through this article and see which statements describe your sexual self. 

Earth Sex Sign.

If you find yourself nodding along to the following statements, you’re very likely an Earth sex sign. 

I like going slow.

I like to linger.

I enjoy getting touched everywhere.

My favourite pastime is getting a massage. 

I like to plan or even schedule sex.

I like a gorgeous setting for making love.

I like lots of cuddling before and after sex. 

Earth sex signs, at their core, seek stability and a reliable lover that they can turn to safely. A long and loving buildup before sex creates a space where they can reveal their true sexual self, where they can be savoured with a slow and steady build-up to climax. This may sound boring to a Fire or Air sign, but sex for Earth signs is considered and deeply passionate — leading to longer, loving and intense sex sessions. 

Earth sex signs look for super specific traits in a sexual partner, with the following often on their wish lists: 

  • Massages. So many massages. 
  • Affirmations from their partner/s — complimenting them as much as possible. This won’t go to their head (like it does with other sex signs) but instead grounds them and builds a deeper connection to their partner/s.
  • Physical touch wherever possible. Holding hands, stroking hair, becoming some kind of human pretzel. All of that is a delight for an Earth sex sign. 

Communication is so far from being an issue for Earth signers because they adore a good yarn. They are deep thinkers, great conversationalists and love, love, love to give advice. They don’t mean to be preachy. They just feel stuffed to the brim with helpful information that they are desperate to share with their loved ones. 

Earth signs are deep, careful lovers that take their time to build pleasure and connection — but the results are usually well worth the wait. 

earth sex sign

Image credit: @kourtneykardash Instagram + Canva

To me, Kourtney Kardashian gives off Earth sex sign vibes. Girl loves to wrap herself up in her husband and receive endless compliments from him. 

Air Sex Sign.

If you find yourself nodding along to the following statements, you’re very likely an Air sex sign. 

I like sex talk.

I get aroused by my partner/s’ fantasies.

I like to get kinky.

I like to break rules.

I like to discuss sex after the fact.

I like to laugh and be playful during intimate moments.

I like to make sure my partner/s gets off.

I enjoy erotica.

Air signs are pumped full of fast, witty, clever and conceptual energy that pours over their sex life in super creative ways. They have wild imaginations, often having incredible sexual supercuts on repeat in their minds that may vary in theme, but always have one thing in common: equal satisfaction across partners. That’s seriously important for Air signs. 

Air sex signs look for super specific traits in a sexual partner/s, with the following often on their sexual wish list: 

  • Someone who’s down for a LOT of humour — Air signs froth at having dirty inside jokes with their partner/s.
  • A lover who’s happy to openly talk about sex.
  • Group sex is often in an Air sign’s sexual bucket list.
  • Partner/s who indulge in PDAs.
  • They love reading erotica and then playing out scenes with their partner/s.
  • Ample amounts of sexting as well as cute handwritten notes left for them to find.

Communication for Air sex signs exists beyond their body language. They love a bit of brainstorming, outside-of-the-box thinking and they are also a little (a lot) into gossip. This does mean that Air signs can get a bit in their own head about things, overthinking communication and reading heavily into the energy and body language of their partner/s. 

Sexually, much like Water signs, they are very generous lovers and they are sexual partners that you can be at ease with quickly, often using humour to build connection in the bedroom before getting down and dirty in every way imaginable. 

air sex sign

Image credit: @chelseahandler Instagram + Canva

Chelsea Handler gives off Air sex sign vibes. She uses havin’ a laff to break down walls with her audience and I think she could use that same logic as an Air sex sign.

Water Sex Sign.

If you find yourself nodding along to the following statements, you’re very likely a Water sex sign. 

I like to feel deeply connected.

I like to look into your soul.

I like to feel you with me.

I like to express my feelings to you.

I like to feel merged with my sexual partner.

I like to cry during or after sex.

I like to feel very emotionally safe.

Water sex signs need a deep, secure and supportive emotional connection in order to get their rocks off — their fantasies exist within the mental space much more than the physical. 

Because Water signs love a bit of headspace romance, a meeting of the minds paired with imagined sexual scenarios will replace physical foreplay for them. So if you’re dating a Water sex sign, you should be starting ‘sex’ hours before anything physical with a bit of sexting or leaving notes around the house of your fantasies for them to find and think about. 

Water sex signs look for super specific traits in a sexual partner, with the following often on their sexual wish list: 

  • Be with someone who listens to them deeply.
  • Hold eye contact with their partner/s for longer than most are comfortable with.
  • Actively acknowledge their partner’s positive traits, and know that their partner will always return the compliment.
  • Have a sexual partner who’s willing to get up close and personal, exploring and appreciating every nook and cranny.

For that last reason, Waters are most likely out of all the signs to want to try a body painting workshop. Why? Well, it involves a thorough appreciation and dedication to their own or their partner/s body. And that, to Water signs, is HOT. 

When it comes to yapping, a Water sex sign’s communication style is thick with sensitivity and empathy — which should come as no surprise for these emotionally tuned-in signs. They are also most likely to absorb their partner/s emotions into their own body, soaking up their mood and reflecting it back to them. This act is called ‘merging’ and it follows them to the bedroom, where they often mimic their partner’s sexual levels.

This means they are usually very generous lovers, tuning into their partner/s desires and serving that up on a platter. But, because of this, they are also the sign most likely to sacrifice their own pleasure for another — so if you’re boissing a Water sign please prioritise their pleasure too!

water sex sign

Image credit: @taylorswift Instagram + Canva

Taylor Swift gives off Water sex sign vibes. Particularly Taylor somewhere between Folklore and Tortured Poets Department.

Fire Sex Sign.

If you find yourself nodding along to the following statements, you’re very likely a Fire sex sign. 

I like to initiate.

I like to dominate.

I like to be spontaneous. 

I love to use sex toys.

I like to wear costumes.

I’m drawn to role-play in the bedroom.

I like to do it vigorously. 

I like quickies.

I consider myself an adventurous lover.

Fires have bold, charismatic energy. They don’t like to put any restrictions around their sex life. They pour passion into every session and they certainly keep things spicy. Fire signs tend to have sexual fantasies about power dynamics (like an office affair with their boss), or dangerous sexual scenarios (like having sex in public and the thrill of being caught). But they also like to dabble in fantasies about worship, and super artsy visual sex. To be honest, nothing is completely off the table when it comes to Fire sex signs — they’re usually keen to try anything at least once!

Fire sex signs look for super specific traits in a sexual partner, with the following often on their sexual wish list: 

  • Roleplay partner/s that will commit to the sexual scenes they want to act out.
  • Going sex toy shopping with their partner/s.
  • Dirty talk. All. The. Time.
  • Partner/s who appreciate incorporating costumes, lingerie, and specialised sex furniture into their sex sessions.
  • Partner/s who equally enjoy a sexy weekend away, where sexual adventures can be explored even more. 

A Fire sex sign’s bedroom antics mimic their communication style — they are passionate conversationalists, and they will likely interrupt someone mid-sentence because they just need to share something immediately. They are bursting with excitement most of the time and seek out partner/s who meet (or accept) them at this level.

Where Fire sex signs can stumble in the bedroom is that this overexcitable energy can lead them into ‘future thinking’ too much. That means that while they’re in the middle of a sexual act — say kissing a partner’s neck — they are already running through the next move in their head. Mentally, they are already kissing a whole other body part, which means they’re not always soaking up the moment. 

fire sex sign

Image credit: @abbiechatfield Instagram + Canva

The celebrity I think gives off Fire sex sign vibes: Abbie Chatfield. She’s so candid when it comes to talking about sex and she has that infectious, excitable energy that you see so often in Fire signs.

Image credit: Pinterest + Punkee