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It’s Official: Areeba Is Everyone’s New Fave Bachy Contestant

We’re one week into the mayhem of Locky Gilbert’s season of The Bachelor and already there’s a clear frontrunner, rising tension between two girls in the house, and we’ve even already had a boat date AND the group photoshoot.

From Zoe-Clare’s now-infamous speech that should be taught in acting schools across the country, to Steph killing the photoshoot as Daddy Steph, this season has already brought the laughs (and, well, the tears judging by the end of last night’s episode).

But one thing is clear: absolute boss Areeba did not come to play any games this season, and she’s already quickly won over fans of the Bachy nation. From being completely unphased when Zoe-Clare went off at her and casually just eating while being yelled at, to her simmering anger last night at the photoshoot that was then disguised with laughter, Areeba’s already bringing the entertainment in spades.

We’ve rounded up some of the best tweets about The Bachelor fan-favourite Areeba:

We can’t wait to see it.