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15 Aussie Snacks That Should Be Returned To Their Former Glory

There is no greater injustice in this world than when a brand discontinues or doesn’t bring back an Australian snack that develops a huge following.

The disrespect. The audacity. The sheer cruelty of it all.

From the El Maco to Oporto’s chicken nuggets, we’re listing the snacks taken from us far too soon, that we demand be returned to their former glory: aka sitting in our cupboards or on our laps at dinner time.

Here are 15 Australian snacks unjustly taken from us that need to come back ASAP:

#1. Macca’s McDippers

KFC eat your heart out, these were THE BEST. Like, I can’t describe how delicious these were. Dip them bad bois in honey mustard and you have yourself a meal, not just a snacc.

australian food discontinued gone bring back

#2. Quatro Biscuits

No choccy biscuit has ever and will ever compare to Quatros.

australian food discontinued gone bring back

Via FB/DeliciousBikkies

#3. In A Biskit’s Dixie Drumstix

I still have dreams about Dixie Drumsticks. They were the best chicken flavoured biscuit of all time. Don’t @ me Chicken Crimpy stans. You know it’s true.

#4. Macca’s Nerd McFlurry

It almost feels like a dream. While you’re at it, Macca’s, please actually stir the McFlurries like you used to and don’t make me do it. I am NOT a professional.

australian food discontinued gone bring back

#5. Gravy Chips

Hamish and Andy’s creation were only out for a limited time but imho, should come back permanently.

#6. Oporto Nuggets

While I’ve never tasted these myself, my colleagues assure me that Oporto nuggets were a game-changer.

Via Guess What

#7. Macca’s Shaker Fries

Anyone eating unseasoned fries is an actual savage.

#8. Sunnyboys

It wasn’t over then and it still isn’t over. Summer has never been the same.

#9. Macca’s El Maco

I count the days until the El Maco returns to where it belongs: on the Macca’s menu every day of the year.

australian food discontinued gone bring back

Listen to The People.

#10. Marble Chocolate

There’s not much more to say about this. Bring. It. Back.


#11. 3D Doritos

What’s better than Doritos? 3D DORITOS. Of course!

Via Instagram

#12. Milo Bars

The chocolate bar to end all chocolate bars.

Via Facebook

#13. Macca’s Crispy Chicken Fillet Burger

This was from a long time ago – roughly 2007 – but I still think about it daily. This was the best chicken burger Macca’s even made.

australian food discontinued gone bring back

#14. (OG) KFC Crispy Strips

Second only to Macca’s McDippers, the old school KFC crispy strips were actual heaven. KFC tenders don’t even compare. Quit playin’. Gimme that crunch.

#15. McCain’s Potato Smiles

As if I would even dare leave these off the list. So many kids are missing out and having a smileless childhood.

Like the eternally optimistic Potato Smiley, I will continue to smile through the pain of getting through another day without these beloved Aussie snacks in my life.