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Daisy Reflects On Being Blindsided On ‘Australian Survivor: All Stars’

Last night’s tribal council on Australian Survivor: All Stars was truly one of the most intense spectacles in the series’ history and viewers were left shook.

It was actual art. We watched as David got his alliance to use their immunity idol to save him, all while he planned with Mat to blindside Daisy — a member of his own alliance who had blindsided him last season. Ah, sweet and petty revenge. Poor Daisy didn’t see it coming and we debriefed with her after she watched it all go down on TV last night.

We spoke to Daisy about her blindside on Australian Survivor: All Stars and what she wished she did differently:

On watching her blindside back:

“I’m still reeling from it. All Stars was a real heartbreaker for me, so to relive that again was a little bit traumatic to be honest,” she said.

“I was lost for words, I mean I could hardly even speak. I was trying to say goodbye to everyone at that tribal council and you know, I had the best seven days of my life on All Stars so to then be yanked from it so early, it felt like I was being pulled from the party at 10pm just as it was about to kick off.”

On seeing how David was pulling all the strings:

“I have spoken to Dave since we got back, so I did know what had happened but it was interesting watching it actually play out and [seeing] mischievous nature in which he and the godfather [Mat] went about it,” she said. “But it was good, it was nice to finally have some closure on it all.”

On what she wished she did differently:

“I wish I stood up at tribal and told Brooke to play her idol for me. I think I just choked, I desperately wanted to say it and even Locky wanted to say it but we just couldn’t get the words out,” she said.

“I knew something wasn’t right that day and I kept saying to Locky ‘I feel sick’, because it was just [going] too good, I felt too confident right now and he said ‘I know, something’s wrong’ and we just couldn’t quite put our finger on it. Then as soon as my name came up, I just realised that yeah, there had to be a rat.”

On working with David again this season:

“I was always nervous about working with Dave, especially after our history in the past season but you know, he is just a great player. So to work with someone that dangerous, you’re always going to be taking a risk and for this time it didn’t pay off for me,” she said.

“If Dave keeps getting away with these antics then I think Dave will probably win but there’s a lot of great players out there this season.”

On why their alliance chose to use the idol to save David:

“He just planted that seed of doubt in our minds that it was going to be him and we wanted to save our alliance and at that point we thought he was on our side. Brooke did the loyal thing and played it for him.”

On her, Brooke, and Locky’s love triangle:

“Look at the guy? I think everyone is into Locky,” she joked. “I definitely think there were feelings there. I definitely think there were feelings on the other side too. The tricky thing about it was that the three of us were an alliance within the seven, so it was important to stay strong and not let emotions get in the way. But, you know, I went home on day seven so I can’t ponder on if, buts and maybes.”

On whether she harbours any bad feelings towards David:

“I’ve hung out with Dave in Sydney and we’ve had a good time together. He’s a cool dude and we’re over it. The game is just the game and outside of the game we get along like a house on fire. He’s a really funny dude.”