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David Savagely Blindsided Phoebe On ‘Australian Survivor: All Stars’ & Fans Are Living For It

Last night’s Australian Survivor: All Stars was simultaneously spectacular and heartbreaking as David turned on Phoebe, sending one of the series’ most beloved players packing.

Since tribe swap, Phoebe had struggled to find allies in her new Mokuta tribe and after finding an idol clue at the Survivor Cake Shop, she decided to tell David about it — assuming he was her closest alliance when in fact he had been coming for her since she flipped on the Nick vote. David quickly found the idol himself and (surprise!) did not share this information with Phoebe.

Phoebe was none the wiser until a nail-biting tribal council where David brought out an idol and hung it around his neck – although funnily enough David actually already had an idol, the greedy golden gold that he is.

In this moment, Phoebe went into panic mode realising David had likely betrayed her.

As the tribal votes were counted, both Moana and Phoebe received equal votes so they went to a redraw resulting in Phoebe ultimately being sent home. By the end, Phoebe had worked out that David must have voted for her and she was not happy.

There was absolutely no love lost between David and Phoebe after her torch was snuffed by JLP. It was savage.

Fans can’t help but be impressed with David’s ruthless gameplay, continuing to prove he is one the game’s greatest players:

But many others are devastated to see Phoebe go:

Following the episode, Phoebe posted to Instagram to thank fans for their words of support and confirm there were no hard feelings between herself and David, who she regarded as the “better player”.

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Well that was…heartbreaking. When I was voted out, I couldn't speak. I knew if I tried to talk, I'd fall apart. I didn't want to fall apart on camera. I was devastated. Here are some words I wasn't able to find in the moment… . I have always held myself to a high standard, and I find it very difficult when I fall short of what I expect of myself. This has been a wonderful, but very challenging experience for me. I dreamt of going further. I got dealt a bad swap. And I trusted someone I'd been in a close alliance with from day 1. He was the wrong person. I mean, I could have outspooned together for a little longer lol. Guys, whilst I feel things got far too personal and went beyond the spirit of strategy with certain individuals, I can also sleep soundly knowing I was outplayed by the better player in David. He is an exceptional Survivor player. And my real life friends had my back til the very end. There is closure in that for me. ❤ . I am forever grateful that I got to play Survivor, twice. It was a dream from a young age. It meant the world to me to have another go and I worked hard in the lead up to be ready for it. I wanted to make my family proud. Over the years I've received so much love from Survivor fans and I want to thank y'all for that love, it always meant alot to me. I am closing the Survivor chapter, holding my head high, knowing I gave it everything I had, both times. I never stopped fighting. I proved to myself again, that when the going gets tough, I get going. I went down swinging (even without the idol, we almost turned it around)! I finished the game with two fractured vertebrae, was hospitalised upon landing home for spider bite infections and had surgery on my knee. It is the toughest game on earth and I am proud of myself for the things I did achieve. I played hard and I played with my heart. I was authentic and vulnerable. I was loyal to my people. My values inside and outside the game were left intact. I'm walking away with relationships I will always cherish. I'm cheering for my forever friends now. And I'm ready to chase new dreams. And you know guys, as with any heartache, there's always a silver lining (swipe) xx

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We will miss you, Phoebe. Our fire-making queen and an All Star until the very end.