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The ‘Australian Survivor: All Star’ Winner Has Been Crowned & People Are Bloody Stoked

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It’s the perfect end to the perfect season. Tonight on the finale of Australian Survivor: All Stars, David Genat was crowned sole survivor.

No one could say that David didn’t earn the title. As a player, this year he proved he was one of the greatest the game has ever seen — not just in Australia, but globally.

While David was a standout character on the 2019 season — proving to be a thoroughly watchable Survivor villain — because of his ego he didn’t last long. Back for another round, this season we saw a different, more strategic David who wasn’t afraid to take a backseat and get other people (like Zach) to do his dirty work. This way he avoided becoming a target in the early weeks.

David managed to seamlessly change alliances and infiltrate some of the strongest bonds; forming friendships with power players like Mat, Tarzan, Moana and Sharn. David was part of almost every major alliance and that’s no easy feat.

While last season he left with an idol in his pocket, this year David got his hands on a two immunity necklaces and played them both to his benefit — one to save himself and the other to save his biggest ally, Tarzan. David even convinced Brooke to use her immunity idol to save him, knowing full well he wasn’t in danger of leaving. The man outplayed them all, that’s just a fact.

On tonight’s finale, David managed to win the final immunity challenge and then chose Sharn to go up against when pitching to the jury. His pitch was simply perfection, perhaps one of the greatest in the history of the game. Despite Sharn’s background as a barrister, she was no match and lost in a landslide victory.


Viewers are bloody hyped that the Golden God claimed the title of sole survivor:

David, you beautiful man, you deserved this.