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‘Australian Survivor’ Fans Are Baffled By How Easily George & Cara Pulled Off A Blindside

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As the number of Australian Survivor castaways starts to dwindle, the competition couldn’t be any more hectic and last night’s episode proved that there are no certainties in this game.

On Monday night’s episode, it looked like Cara was set to be unanimously voted out at tribal council. Herself, Wai, Dani and Laura were all vulnerable, as they placed last in the immunity challenge and in another Survivor twist, this meant those four were the only contestants who could be voted out.

In discussions following the challenge, the overwhelming target was Cara — as she wasn’t aligned with the former Brain tribe, and the leftover Brawn members Emmett and Flick were happy to vote for Cara in an effort to win over new allies.

The vote was going to be about as straightforward as it gets, until (surprise, surprise!) George found a hidden immunity idol, which meant that he could save either himself or someone else without having to present the idol at tribal council. George and Cara have been one of the strongest alliances all season, with Cara even saving George’s place in the competition while sacrificing her own in the first week. Thankfully, this just meant she moved over to the Brawn tribe, but Cara’s kindness was something that George wanted to repay.

He got his chance last night, while also executing a plan to vote out his longtime nemesis, Laura. George knew that every single vote would go on Cara, which meant that whoever Cara voted for would be the castaway heading to the jury. George said that he would give Cara a signal at tribal, so she would know to write down Laura’s name — and it bloody worked.

The moment when Jonathan LaPaglia unboxed the immunity idol to reveal that all votes cast against Cara wouldn’t count was nothing short of electrifying:

I love this game!!!

Cara has been training for this since the early days, when she accidentally “cooked this” and wrote down Laura’s name in one of the funniest moments this season.

While the whole scene was spectacular, Survivor fans are baffled that no one on the newly formed Fire Tribe thought to split the vote, or even chuck one single vote on someone else. Anyone who has watched this show will know that an immunity idol can drop at any time, so it’s always best not to put all your eggs in one basket.

Viewers are impressed that George managed to pull off one hell of a blindside, with the help of a hidden immunity idol:

Keep ’em coming, Survivor producers…

If tonight’s promo means anything, George will need all the help he can get.

Australian Survivor returns tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 10.