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Everyone Is Mad About The Twist On ‘Australian Survivor’ For Its Obvious Brawn Bias

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This year’s Australian Survivor: Brains Vs. Brawn has been a thrilling watch and a welcome distraction from *gestures wildly* everything that’s going on in the world right now. But there’s one recurring issue that has plagued this season: there are too many twists and the challenges often favour Brawn over Brains.

On last night’s episode, ol’ Jonathan LaPaglia dropped a bombshell ahead of the immunity challenge: there were three immunity necklaces up for grabs and the three winners would be the only players voting at the next tribal. This meant that if you didn’t win, you would have no vote and no chance to strategise. Basically, if you sucked at the challenge, you were screwed.

You would think that a challenge with such high stakes would be one that was based on physical and mental ability in equal measure, but nope! Almost the entire course was physical — walking along a barrel, rope-throwing, and climbing a wall — therefore giving the Brawn members a much higher chance at winning. There was a ball puzzle thrown in at the end, but in order to get to that part, you had to first finish the obstacle course, so it was hardly fair to the castaways who weren’t physical threats.

Emmett, Dani, and (one Brains member) Andrew won the immunity and ability to vote. But JPL wasn’t done yet. At tribal council,  he announced another twist: they weren’t actually all voting, instead the three would compete in a Fire Tribe with only the winner able to cast a vote. Once again, this kind of physically gruelling challenge is tailored to those who are more athletic.

Dani won, she voted out Brains member Bayden, then in another twist as he snuffed out his torch and went to leave camp, he discovered he was heading to Redemption Rock — where he will likely battle against the next eliminee to return to the game.

Are you exhausted just reading all that?! Huge same.

Survivor viewers aren’t here for the reality show’s latest twists which gave obvious bias to Brawn:

More generally, fans are just over all the damn twists. Can we just have a few regular twistless episodes? If there’s twists at every turn, they kind of lose their impact, and the novelty wears off. Is a twist a twist, if the whole episode is twisted? I need to lie down.

Even comedian and writer, Josh Thomas, was venting his frustrations about the fire-making twist, which once again gave the Brawn players the upper hand.

The latest controversy follows a rather questionable rule change which allowed Kez to pass her unused idol on to Flick on Sunday’s night’s episode. This season of Survivor is one of the best in years, but please Channel 10, can we just have a few episodes without any more needless twists.

Oh and while you’re at it, since this is the Brain Vs. Brawn season, maybe chuck a few challenges in that are based on intellect and strategy. Just a thought!

Australian Survivor returns tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 10.