‘Australian Survivor’ Is Coming Back Soon & This Time It’s Brains V Brawn

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Good news, Survivor fans! Australian Survivor has teased its 2021 season, and this year it’s Brains V Brawn.

It seems like many moons ago we watched Hot David be crowned sole Survivor (of the series and of my heart) in the Australian Survivor: All Stars series, and we have no doubt the Brains V Brawn series will be just as exciting.

While some may outwit and some may outplay, Channel 10 promises this series will be like no other.

“With castaways pooled from all walks of life, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s an unfair match,” the series said in a press release. “The Brains” are set to be people that are outstanding in their chosen field, while “The Brawn” are promised to be all muscle with extra hustle.

This year’s Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn was shot in North West Queensland, and promises a new year of unique challenges, shocking and dramatic moments and of course… one sole Survivor.

While there’s been no premiere date set yet, Channel 10 promises the show is coming “soon” and we can’t bloody wait.