australian survivor moments ranked

The Most Iconic Moments Of ‘Australian Survivor’, Ranked

Every fibre of my being is ready to see all my faves outwit, outplay and outlast, as we near the premiere of Australian Survivor: All Stars. I am so bloody hyped.

With every all star announced, it’s got me feeling nostalgic about some of the most memorable moments from the past four seasons from 2016 to 2019.

So what better time to rank these iconic memories? And yes, there’s a lot of Luke Toki content. Not sorry.

The most iconic Australian Survivor moments, ranked:

#27. Sue’s big move

It was the big move that never came. Maybe Sue’s big move all along, was that she made no big move? Really makes you think, huh.

#26. When Aimee got voted off and replied: ‘Spewin’!’

The most honest reaction ever.

#25. When Locky straight-up called Peter a ‘goat’

In the world of Survivor, there’s no worse insult than goat, which essentially means you’re a weak player, who doesn’t make any big moves and is instead carried to the end by someone else. These two never got along and it still shocks me that Peter made it to the top three.

#24. Tegan coming back from exile beach wanting revenge

After being voted out by her tribe and sent to the dreaded Exile Beach, Tegan fought her way back and when she returned she had Benji in her sights.

#23. Everything Craig ever did

Craig was an incredibly strong player and offered hilarious commentary but left before his time. #JusticeForCraig

#22. Jericho becoming the Cookie Monster

When Jericho was given the choice between a jar of cookies or firewood, he obviously chose the cookies and a legend was born. He soon formed the cookie alliance with Henry and Luke, his first strategic step in becoming sole survivor on his season.

#21. The birth of this GIF

Luke did a lot of hilarious things, but this tops the list.

#20. Moana asking her tribe to vote her out

There’s been quite a few contestants forced to leave the competition due to sickness, but no one quite as memorable as Moana, a fan favourite who convinced her tribe to vote her out after enduring a debilitating illness. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

#19. Luke’s sneaky whispering at tribal

In a brilliant strategic move, Luke decided to mess with everyone’s minds at tribal council by whispering to specific people in an effort to alienate the tribal members outside his alliance.

#18. Lee and Ele become a power couple

While Sam and Mark may have found love on the 2017 season, Lee and Ele did it first.

#17. Harry VS. The Godmother

From the second Harry called Janine ‘The Godmother’, their rivalry began. They were constantly trying to scheme against each other but Harry the “cockroach” somehow came out on top.

#16. Luke’s spy shack

In his first season, Luke became beloved for his ingenious invention: the spy shack. This was a secret spot covered in trees and branches where he hid near the water well, so that he could overhear his tribe talking strategy. The original creeper.

#15. Pia eviscerating Baden at the final tribal

There is no denying that Pia killed her final speech, becoming the first sole survivor to win Australian Survivor by a unanimous victory. Get it, gurl.

#14. Nick being saved by a tribe swap

On his initial tribe, superfan Nick was quickly labelled a snake but when his tribe thought they were voting him off the island, it was actually a mock vote and he was sent to the Saanapu tribe for a fresh start. It was a miraculous stroke of luck.

#13. The ladies teaming up to get rid of Zach

In the 2018 season, the women proved that they were not going to tolerate Zach’s misogynist remarks anymore and they strategised to all vote him out. Good riddance.

#12. David and Luke’s bromance

The 2019 season was a joy to watch and a lot of that was because of Luke and David’s loyal friendship — based largely on scheming and lying…

#11. Henry and Locky’s bromance

…But we all know they took lessons from the OG bromance: Locky and Henry, two incredibly strong players on their own who joined forces in the 2017 season.

#10. Shonee and Fenella’s friendship

Nothing compared to Shonella: an alliance that might have been overlooked by their tribe but these two were basically one super-player and their commentary was perfection.

#9. AK ending up back on Tara’s tribe

AK VS. Tara was one of the most memorable rivalries in the show’s history and it felt like poetic justice that AK would end up back on Tara’s tribe as he had started. AK was quickly blindsided while Tara went on to place runner-up.

#8. Jarrad & Jericho underlining each other’s votes

These two were early allies turned enemies. Jericho had underlined Jarrad’s vote when he was eliminated and when Jericho was named sole survivor, his final vote was underlined — which meant Jarrad had ended up supporting him. What a moment.

#7. David giving Shaun a fake idol

David swapping a fake idol he made out of sticks and string, for Shaun’s very real idol, is still the funniest thing to ever happen on the show. David is a bloody icon.

#6. Phoebe’s luck stopping her from getting voted out

While some people on this show got an easy ride, Phoebe did not. She was constantly targeted by her tribe and had to fight tooth and nail to stay, but thankfully she got into the habit of finding immunity idols just in the nick of time. We stan forever.

#5. Benji demolishing a plate of nachos like a savage

He may have found a clue but the way Benji ate nachos left viewers low-key traumatised.

#4. Henry pretending to be a yoga instructor

It was a bold idea: pretend to be a yoga instructor to seem easy, breezy and non-threatening. The only problem came when Henry started actually leading morning yoga routines and no idea what TF he was doing.

#3. Flick flipping on Brooke

It was the ultimate betrayal. Flick and Brook were the strongest alliance in the game, and in one swift move Flick turned on her longtime BFF, siding with Lee and Ele. Brooke got completely blindsided. Savage.

#2. Every time Luke spoke about his family

King of the Jungle, Luke, is beloved by fans but not just for his cheeky demeanour and clever gameplay. Luke is first and foremost a family man, and every time he spoke about his kids, we all cried along with him.

#1. Kristie convincing Lee to let her win the final endurance challenge

Perched on a cliff, Kristie told Lee that she’d bring him to the finale if he let her win the final challenge and she came through. Her strategy paid off and she came out as the surprise winner — becoming the ultimate underdog and still the most iconic win in Australian Survivor history.

Bring on Australian Survivor: All Stars!