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Luke Just Got Brutally Booted Before The ‘Survivor’ Finale & Australia Is Devastated

Ahead of the Australian Survivor finale tomorrow night, fan favourite Luke Toki was sent home and viewers are not okay.

Tonight four became three when Luke was voted out which seemed inevitable after losing immunity. From the beginning things didn’t look good for Luke. Unlike many of the immunity challenges from earlier weeks, tonight’s wasn’t dependent on physical strength which was Luke’s main advantage against his competition.

Instead the challenge was based more on strategy and endurance which seemed to be Luke’s undoing, as Harry claimed immunity and Luke was left an emotional wreck.

It was devastating to watch.

Leading up to tribal, Luke tried his best to convince Baden and Pia to save him. It was truly heart-wrenching as Luke got emotional speaking about wanting to provide for his family.

Then at tribal council Luke again appealed to Pia to help save him by voting Baden so they would go into a tiebreaker fire challenge but in the end she wrote Luke’s name down.

This wasn’t how we wanted the series to end.

There is no denying this has been one hell of a season and arguably the best cast Australian Survivor has ever seen but most fans would agree Luke deserved a place in the finale, if not to win the whole thing.

Viewers are feeling absolutely gutted over tonight’s Australian Survivor result:


I’m going to take a long nap until the pain goes away.