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The ‘King Of The Jungle’ Luke Is Back To Stir Up Drama In The Latest ‘Survivor’ Promo

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Another season of Australian Survivor: Champions Vs. Contenders is about to kick off and it turns out a familiar face will be returning to our screens: self-titled jungle king Luke Toki.

Joining forces with sporting and strategic champions like Steven Bradbury and Janine Allis, Luke is an experienced Survivor player, who got voted off the 2017 season far too soon.

He’s now back on the show and not pulling any punches. “I’m gonna play hard and take the piss out of people,” Luke said. “I really believe I have the tools to win. I am willing to die out here to win, haha.” That seems extreme but OK.

In the latest promo, Luke takes the opportunity to make fun of his fellow Champion teammates. “They’re all old. You sure there isn’t a senior citizen alliance forming?” Luke joked. He will be sure to stir up some drama, so I am all for his unexpected comeback.

Australian Survivor: Champions Vs. Contenders premieres Wednesday, July 24, so thankfully we don’t have to wait much longer until we can gaze upon Jonathan LaPaglia’s spectacular arms once more.

Check out the latest Australian Survivor promo: