australians call honey joys suckles jumbles

Aussies Are Arguing Over What These Sweet Cornflake Treats Are Called

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There is nothing that divides Australians like realising that people from different states call something a different name. Is it a potato cake or potato scallop? Togs or bathers? Well, we now have a new debate in our hands. Oh boy.

It’s a nostalgic sweet snack we all know well, but what exactly are the sticky honey cornflake treats commonly found at school stalls called? This is a question posed by Twitter user Lee Murray overnight.

My immediate response was to yell ‘HONEY JOYS’ at my laptop screen but it seems there’s been a variety of responses depending on where you grew up in Australia.

Since the original tweet was posted, there’s been loads of Twitter users adding their two cents and Australians are divided.

Honey Joys were the dominant (and correct) answer.

But there were some other bizarre names…

Cornflake Cakes, errr…real imaginative.

Honey Jumbles?

Honey Crackles?

Bloomin’ Cornflakes?

Honey Suckles? (OK, that’s a pretty cute name!)

Unsurprisingly, the debate has since derailed.

Tbh I’ll just start calling them ‘cornflake honey cups’ as this is all getting too political for me.