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16 Acts Of Kindness From The Bushfire Crisis That’ll Make Every Aussie Proud

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As fireys continue to battle the worst bushfire season our nation has ever seen, everyday Aussies are stepping up to offer assistance for those suffering and it is heartwarming.

So far at least 25 people have lost their lives, thousands of homes have been destroyed, 10 million hectares have burned, and most recent estimates report that one billion animals have perished.

The devastation is unfathomable, which makes any small act of kindness count.

Here are 16 heartwarming stories from the bushfire crisis that will make every Aussie proud:

#1. These teenagers who filled their car with koalas rescued from Kangaroo Island

Posted on Reddit, user @Steve_OH wrote: “Amid the terrible bushfires in Australia, my cousins went out and saved as many koalas as they could. Good on em. Thought reddit would support and appreciate their efforts!”

#2. A group of Sikh volunteers giving out free vegetarian meals to those in need

#3. This good boi who saved a flock of sheep from the fires

Patsy is a six-year-old working dog who rounded up a group of sheep up for her owner, as flames approached them in the rural town of Corryong in Victoria. “She and her human brought the sheep to safety on the morning of New Year’s Eve. Cool as a cucumber, Patsy waited with him until the fire got close enough to fight with a tractor and water pump. What a team!” the dog’s Instagram page reads.

#4. The Irwins helping to rescue 90,000 animals, including those in affected areas

#5. This firey doing the gid up to lift his team’s spirits

“Sometime when it’s late at night, during dinner break, you have to make a little bit of entertainment for each other,” said the caption on Mangoola Rural Fire Brigade’s Facebook page.

#6. This Instagram influencer who saved a baby kangaroo

Sam McGlone was putting out fires in his area when he spotted a baby kangaroo and scooped him up. “My family and I have spent the last 10 days fighting fires around our town Braidwood/South coast! Saving animals, houses anything we can!” he wrote on Instagram.

#7. This Facebook group dedicated to knitting and sewing mittens and pouches for injured and displaced animals

#8. A post office that turned into an animal rescue shelter in Cobargo

Despite losing their home in the fires, Kyle Moser and David Wilson set up a room at the back of their Cobargo post office to care for a kangaroo and two wallaby joeys. Read more here.

#9. The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre sending food to Aboriginal communities

#10. Some of the world’s biggest tennis players commit to donate for every ace they hit

#11. Cars have lined up in droves to donate to their local Foodbank

This photo was captured by Eliza Matheson in Melbourne:

Via Eliza Matheson

#12. Local and international celebs making huge donations

Kicked off by comedian Celeste Barber who so far has raised $45 million, Pink and Nicole Kidman have since committed to donating $500k each, and Chris Hemsworth just announced he’ll be pitching in a casual $1 million.

#13. This everyday hero who saved seven koalas from the bushfires

#14. Playful Paws in Bairnsdale taking in doggos escaping the smoke and heat

#15. People offering their properties to bushfire victims and their pets

It all started with Erin Riley tweeting an offer of the paddocks behind her house to bushfire victims with animals, and eventually led to Erin setting up organisation, FindABed, which according to The Guardian has received offers of accommodation from more than 3,000 people.

#16. This truck driver who saved a koala and made a new friend

Water tanker driver Damian Campbell-Davys told the Sydney Morning Herald that he saw the koala emerge from a group of pine trees in Nerriga and ended up feeding the little guy water from his water bottle for over an hour. He reportedly named his new friend Tinny Arse.

Via Facebook, Damien Campbell-Davys

Header via Instagram.