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Apollo From ‘Bachelorette’ Just Set Himself On Fire On ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ & I’m Not Okay

While we were used to Apollo Jackson setting hearts on fire on The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise, the guy has now gone and set himself on fire in an audition for Australia’s Got Talent. Holy shit. I can’t take it.

Showing off his skills as a magician, Apollo attempted and somehow pulled off one hell of a stunt, involving a straight jacket, gasoline, fire and an extinguisher inside a locked box. Oh, and he was suspended several metres in the air as this all went down. Ugh. I am not okay.

Before taking the stage, Apollo spoke about how he had struggled to find work since his appearance on The Bachelorette and said that his career as a magician was often seen as a gimmick rather than a valid profession. He said he is currently broke and living back at home.

Following the impressive trick, judge Nicole Scherzinger said “I’m speechless,” and Apollo received a resounding ‘yes’ vote across the board. He will be going through to the next round to terrify us all over again.

Watch the Australia’s Got Talent clip below, but I’m warning you that it’s v stressful viewing: