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A Reminder That US Bachy Is Bonkers: Here’s A Contestant Shoving A Dummy Into Another Girl’s Mouth

The American series of The Bachelor continues to make Australia’s version look exceptionally boring, with the latest episode including a contestant shoving an actual pacifier into another girl’s mouth.

It all went down on the reunion episode The Bachelor: Women Tell All. As two contestants, Demi and Courtney, had a clash of words Courtney told Demi “You act like a child,” and that all she did was “constantly open your mouth about other people.”

This somehow prompted Courtney to get up, walk over and forcefully push a dummy into Demi’s very confused face.

That’s right. So… she had a dummy handy enough to have ready for that very moment? I have too many questions. Demi called for security. It was bizarre.

Here’s the very weird moment:

While Australia’s Bachy can get a bit strange at times, I really can’t imagine something as extreme as this ever going down. This is the same US season that had the girl that rocked up dressed up as a sloth but then… somehow didn’t get a rose.

How backwards is that? That moment made me truly want to spit the dummy! (Lol, sorry, had to!)

That’s wife material, right there.