A US Bachelor Contestant Came Dressed As A Sloth & She’s The Hero We All Deserve

I know, I know — you’re enjoying your reality TV break while it lasts, and after last year’s fiasco that was the Aussie Bachelor/Bachelorette, we’ve all been enjoying our downtime.

But I just wanted to let you know the US Bachelor has officially kicked off, and we all have a new hero.

No, it’s not fake accent girl (though she DID get a rose!).

It’s this girl who came to meet the Bachelor, Colton Underwood, dressed in a full sloth costume.

And you guys, when I say she committed, I mean she COMMITTED. She even walked to meet him extra slowly, doing her best slow sloth chat.


Obviously, she’s everyone’s new hero.

Sadly, sloth girl didn’t get a rose after all that.

But honestly, the US version looks lit.