Alisha Just Dumped Jules On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ & Honestly, We Bow Down

I could talk all day about how Alisha saved this season of The Bachelor and tonight she was a bloody inspiration to women across Australia. She is our hero and we will not hear a bad word about her.

Alisha and Jules have had a turbulent time on the reality series. They instantly connected on their first date, but everything shifted when Jules’ eyes wandered over to Tenille. Eventually Alisha took Jules back but the trust was broken and it was always up in the air whether they could ever be more than friends.

We ended last night’s episode with Alisha giving Jules an ultimatum that either they leave paradise as more than friends or it’s the end of them. On tonight’s episode Jules said he couldn’t give her “full commitment” and Alisha said that his actions were often hypocritical as he physically pursued her.

Here’s what went down:

As Alisha walked off she joked in an interview to camera “When’s the next flight to Vancouver?”, as Jules came from around the corner. He didn’t seem to understand that they broke off their relationship/friendship/whatevership.

Alisha then fired off an amazing speech telling Jules “I’m electing not to emotionally pursue you Jules” and it was everything.

Alisha’s words were bloody powerful, showing all the women watching that they are enough and don’t need to settle for merely what a man is willing to offer them.

Viewers are rallying around Alisha for kicking Jules to the curb and knowing her worth.

She is a queen. Period.