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The Most Hilarious Tweets From The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Finale

It’s a bloody late night for fans of Bachelor In Paradise and in all honesty the only thing that is keeping me going at this point is that I haven’t finished this whole bottle of wine.

We have completed part one of tonight’s two part instalment and the final commitment ceremonies which ended with less than half of our couples staying together. We had Bill and Alex telling each other they were in love with one another, and Nathan and Tenille agreeing to most definitely…hang out?

Florence dumped Davey, and Alisha told Jules she no longer wanted to “emotionally pursue him”, in a clip I will be watching over and over until the end of time.

The most hilarious tweets from the Bachelor In Paradise finale:

Alisha told Jules she no longer wanted to emotionally pursue and it was iconic.

Alex and Bill told each other they loved one another, errr…cool.

Tenille and Nathan err..agreed to keep dating since they’ve known each other mere days.

Things remained unclear between Florence and Davey and in the end Flo dumped him.

What an ending.