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Cleanskin Conor & Queen Mary Are Still Together, So Love Is Real

We’re not always used to Bachelor In Paradise leaving us feeling wholesome, nice feelings, but tonight’s finale really delivered. Three couples made it to the commitment ceremony, and it’s nearly enough to make us believe love is alive and well.

Sure, there was drama with Kiki and Ciarran, but that was expected so let’s move on. We’re here to talk about THE love story of the season, the one that bubbled underneath the surface, the one we deserved to see more of but nonetheless – Cleanskin Conor and Queen Mary are still together and we are SO HAPPY FOR THEM!!

Honestly, the real plot twist this season wasn’t Ciarran and Timm being mad f*ckbois – it was the fact we all went from wondering who TF Conor was, to pledging our allegiance to him.

On last week’s episode, Conor and Mary became boyfriend/girlfriend and tonight they exchanged commitment rings.

The couple confirmed they are still together in a cute video they posted with Mary’s daughter on the Bachelor In Paradise Instagram.

Mary has moved to Tasmania to be with Conor, and honestly we’re not crying…. well, except, we are.