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It Looks Like The Pie-Man Was Accidentally Confirmed For ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

Bachelor In Paradise is getting ever so closer and a little Instagram slip-up may have confirmed that Jackson Garlick — of Garlo’s pies fame and the fourth in line to Angie Kent’s heart — will be heading to paradise.

Jackson made it to hometowns in last year’s The Bachelorette, but his overprotective dad didn’t love the idea of his son having to move for love because he has a pie empire to run! And thus, Angie and Jackson’s love story came to an end. At least we’ll always have the pies.

New Idea reported that a Melbourne-based influencer agency shared a photo to Instagram featuring three familiar faces, saying that they were returning to our screens for Bachelor In Paradise. Jackson was in the pic, featuring alongside already announced cast members Jamie Doran and Timm Hanly.

The Instagram photo was then swiftly deleted. Suspicious.

Luckily New Idea screengrabbed it, so here it is below:

jackson garlick bachelor in paradise

Also, note the “like” from Renee Barrett, another rumoured BIP contestant.

While we’re more than ready for Jackson and his pies, I must note that I’ve also seen the alleged Jackson on Tinder way too many times in iso to believe he’ll find his love story (unless it’s a catfish, swipe me back catfish!).

But as Rihanna once famously sang in ‘Only Girl In The World’ – “I want you to love me, like I’m a hot pie”** – so we have no doubt he’ll be swimming in attention.

**These may or may not be the real lyrics.