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Ciarran Is In The Doghouse In The Latest ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Teaser

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Ciarran Stott is the latest Bachelor In Paradise star to get a teaser and ooft, it looks like we have a new Bachy villain on our hands.

Ciarran was the breakout star of Angie Kent’s The Bachelorette season and ended up exiting the series after his grandmother passed away — leaving fans devastated and calling for him to be the next Bachelor. But the latest BIP teaser hints that all might not have been what it seemed. In the teaser, we hear a mystery woman saying to Ciarran, “None of these people know, while you were in the mansion you [beep].”

What could this mean?! While Ciarran was in the mansion he pretended to be British and he’s really just an Aussie bloke named Barry?! While he was in the mansion he didn’t even enjoy the taste of tea?! So many questions and we’ll have to stay tuned to find answers. Whatever the revelation is, Ciarran seems very angry about it in the teaser.

It sounds like there’s quite a lot that’s about to come out about Ciarran, as earlier in the teaser someone says, “Nobody knows what he did…there’s just so much that he’s lied about.” INTRIGUING.

Check out Ciarran’s spicy Bachelor In Paradise full teaser below:

Bachelor In Paradise premieres 15 July on Channel 10.