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We Absolutely Bloody Need Ciarran To Be The 2020 Bachelor

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We’re still reeling from last night’s emotional episode of The Bachelorette, where our fave boi Ciarran said a teary goodbye to Angie and eliminated himself from the competition.

ICYMI, Ciarran broke down at the cocktail party, telling Angie his grandma had died. Ciarran had spoke fondly about his grandma in previous episodes and as he told Angie the news, the hearts of everyone in Australia basically split in half.

But with Angie having to move on, so must we. Which is why we decided Ciarran would actually be the perfect 2020 Bachelor.

Forget Carlin’s (alleged) dreams!

Ciarran is the man we need to see on our screens and here’s why:

1. He is unapologetically himself

Ciarran was a breath of fresh air amongst the other men, especially the toxic ones like Jess and the full-on ones like Jamie.

2. He has the best style out of anyone who has ever graced the show

From his hair to his fashion choices, Ciarran nailed it every single time.

3. He’s funny AF and has the charming accent

He won the stand-up comedy challenge! Did he just talk about himself getting nude? Maybe. Did he nail it? Absolutely!

4. He doesn’t give a shit about what anyone else thinks

In a bro world, Ciarran always stayed true to his character. We love a man who’s open about the fact he’d prefer a facial and a latte over a speedboat date.

5. He provides perfect GIF and meme moments

Important for a show like The Bachelor, let’s be real.

ciarran the bachelorette gif

6. He’ll happily get nude and provide us all the endless shirtless beach shots that The Bachelor requires

I mean, I’d absolutely tune in.

the bachelorette jamie ciarran

So Channel 10 – from your friends here at Punkee, make it happen.

the bachelorette ciarran