Plot Twist: One Of ‘The Bachelorette’ Sisters Has Revealed She Isn’t In Love

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We’re one night away from the premiere of the 2020 season of The Bachelorette, and Elly and Becky Miles are still busy reassuring people that no, they won’t be dating or kissing the same men.

Speaking to Bachy alum Laura Byrne and Britt Hockley on their podcast Life Uncut, Becky and Elly shared more tea on what to expect from their season and tackled some of the misconceptions surrounding the season so far.

While Elly knew very early on who she was forming a good connection with, Becky admitted to her journey being a little more frazzled. “I was on struggle street right up until the end. It’s going to be interesting to watch, I didn’t say the L-word at all,” she divulged.

“I wouldn’t say I’m in love, but I’m definitely in a happy place. I feel like the road to love is a bit of a journey, so I want my time on the outside to get to know my person and have fun and do normal life,” Becky said, which may be one of the most normal/relatable things a Bachy has ever said.

Elly confirmed that she’s “the most smitten I’ve ever been” with her quest for love sounding a little easier than her big sister’s. “I knew pretty early on, but I think I knew after last year things can change. I had a pretty strong feeling from that first night, but I wanted to stay open-minded,” Elly said. Elly, of course, was famously a fan favourite early on in Matt Agnew’s season before being left roseless right before hometowns.

And as for the rumours of one of Elly’s former flames showing up, she’s stamped those ones out and said she had no idea an ex-fling was coming on the show.

“There is a guy that I have a bit of history with, Joey. It’ll all come out (on the show). The rumours that are going around are that we dated for months and that I requested him to come on the show, and that’s completely false. We did know each other through mutual friends and have history there, and that was left where it was. I had no idea he was coming on the show, that was the biggest shock to me,” Elly said.

In other tea, Becky also opened up about her love life leading up to signing up for this year’s Bachelorette, being cheated on last year, and Elly shared a graphic embarrassing story that may or may not haunt you every time you think about a festival from now on.

You can listen to the whole episode of Life Uncut here.