banana caramel pie mcflurry

We Tasted Macca’s Banana Caramel Pie McFlurry & Have Many Feelings

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It’s hard to explain the complicated feelings of loss when a limited-edition item at Macca’s disappears forever. I was angry when the El Maco was no more-o. I felt betrayed when McDippers came and then quickly McDipped out of my life again. And I never even got to say goodbye to the OG Caramel Frappé, which left me feeling crappé.

But my favourite limited-edition item has to be the Apple Pie McFlurry. It was an absolute taste sensation, and since the dessert was phased out, I still often order an Apple Pie and Caramel Sundae just to try and recreate to magic.

So I couldn’t be any more hyped to hear this week that Macca’s were releasing a Banana Caramel Pie McFlurry. The promo sweet treat will initially only be available on Uber Eats, then it’ll rolled out next week in stores nationwide.

banana caramel pie mcflurry

According to Macca’s, the McFlurry includes a “perfect combination of Macca’s famous crispy pie pastry with a delicious banana caramel filling combined with caramel topping swirled into our famous soft serve.”

After reading that description, I simply had to taste it, so ordered the McFlurry at err…9.30am this morning. I have no regrets. The dessert itself looks a lot like the Apple Pie McFlurry at first glance, so I was EXCITED to say the least.

banana caramel pie mcflurry

It was a pretty generous serving, as the whole thing was huge. But the taste was a bit of a mixed bag. First of all, it’s not a McFlurry. This needs to be said. This is a sundae, as there is no combining of the different elements whatsoever, which is what a McFlurry is all about.

After my first spoonful of the pie, caramel and soft serve, the banana flavour hit me thick and fast. It is SUPER banana-ry, so unless you absolutely love banana, this ain’t the dessert for you. The pie’s banana caramel filling is essentially just a heavy custard, that’s very sweet and tastes rather artificial.

banana caramel pie mcflurry

When it comes to banana-flavoured foods, some taste like actual bananas, while most others have that fake banana flavour found in banana lollies or a Banana Paddle Pop. The Macca’s McFlurry definitely falls into the second category. I personally prefer a more natural banana flavour, but some people absolutely froff that artificial banana taste, so they’ll probably love this.

Overall, as a dessert it is extremely tasty. The caramel and banana combo is a match made in heaven; banoffee cakes and pies exist for a reason after all. So if you live for all things banana (even if it tastes intense-as-hell) then the Banana Caramel Pie McFlurry will be an absolute dessert dream.

The Banana Caramel Pie McFlurry is available on Uber Eats now and can be purchased in stores from June 11.