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The Final Four ‘Beauty And The Geek’ Transformations Had Us Blown Away

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Time has passed by so quickly that Beauty and the Geek has already hit finale week, and although that’s quite sad, we’ve finally reached the most anticipated part of the show: the rest of the geek makeovers.

On last night’s episode, the remaining geeks were transformed, and we’re totally swooning over one of these new looks. Hint! He was dubbed the shyest geek out of the pack.

Although I’m still mourning the elimination of my favourite pair — Angelique and Sam — I can say I was super duper excited for mega makeover Monday. The final five included Michael and Tara, Karly and Aaron, Jason and Emily, Anthony and Tegan, and lastly, Chris and Bri, who previously won a makeover.

But before they got in the chair to glow-up, the pairs had the challenge of filming a music video for Sophie Monk’s single ‘Nice To Know You’which she told us was one of her favourite challenges this season.

Before the winners of the task were announced, Sophie confirmed that all the geeks would be getting their makeovers.

And before we get into the big reveals, we must say that a lot of the geeks did not really need a makeover! They all had their unique looks and we love what they brought to the table. But it’s still super rewarding to watch each geek grow in confidence and get super excited for their new looks.

But anyways, here’s a look into Beauty and the Geek’s Makeover Monday:


At the start of the season, Jason was dubbed the shyest geek out of the bunch, while proving he’s extremely talented with music instruments and production. He even played the iconic ‘Poison’ by Bardot through a saxophone for Sophie during his introduction.

In Jason’s makeover reveal, you can totally feel the confidence just ooze out of the man!

During the makeover, Jason reflected on his time on Beauty and the Geek, thanking Emily for his confidence boost. “I definitely wouldn’t have made it this far without Emily. She’s my biggest supporter and a lot of the experiences we’ve had together have been about getting me more vocal. I definitely couldn’t have done it without her,” he said.

All the ladies were blown away by his new look and Emily admitted she had the hots for her partner. “I was actually picturing what our babies would look like,” Emily said. I’m not gonna lie, Jason is looking absolutely spunky! A lot of the internet agrees as well.


Aaron is a train driver from Sydney who would stutter whilst talking to the beauties and Sophie Monk. One of the things that he was known for in the beginning of the season was his reliance on his nasal spray during stressful situations. As soon as he popped up on the screen during his introduction, Karly called dibs on the geek and since then they’ve been killing the weekly challenges together.

Before he went for his makeover, Aaron got extremely candid with Karly about his insecurities. He revealed that he lost his front teeth after he was hit in the face with a hockey stick and since then, he had been using dentures.

Aaron revealed he’s super keen for the makeover. “We’ve come so far together in this experience and even though you feel confident on the inside, if you don’t feel confident on the outside, it doesn’t elevate it as much,” Aaron said. “But today, I am so excited that I’m saying goodbye to average and hello to, dare I say it, hot.”

As he stepped out for his big reveal, his beauty Karly got super emotional alongside the other beauties. “This Aaron has come so so far,” he said during the transformation. “I’ve conquered my fear of dogs, I’ve jumped off a train through a fire wall, took my shirt off and posed with a beautiful girl beside me for some high end fashion — I’ve grown so much.”

One of the most adorable things about this transformation was Aaron’s growth in confidence and his message to himself, telling his before photo “I know it’s going to be a long road ahead. It’s not going to be easy, but you never know when an opportunity is gonna hit you in the face.”

A lot of Beauty and the Geek fans took to Twitter to share their love for Aaron’s new look and confidence.


This Harry Potter geek is basically the face of Season 2. Anthony was the first geek to go on a date with his beauty, Tegan, and he got extremely candid about his personal experiences and how he became the Harry Potter superfan he is today. In the first episode, he reflected on his past and how his experiences with bullies heavily impacted his life.

Before revealing his new look, Anthony spoke about his experiences on the show, of course mentioning his beauty Tegan. “This whole experience just tells you to celebrate who you are and to celebrate all of your quirks. Tegan has taught me to not be afraid to show who I am,” he said. “It is 100 percent time to prove to the world that I’m a new and improved version of myself.”

One of the major things we noticed in his new look was his huge smile and his eyes! He looked confident in his new outfit – even doing a little twirl.

His beauty Tegan described his new look as a ‘bad boy sugar daddy’. Throughout the whole reveal of his makeover, Anthony was smiling and super enthusiastic about the change and even got emotional after he saw himself in the mirror. It was like watching a cute, adorable, posh puppy.

As Anthony continued to beam, Tegan spoke about the importance of his smile. “Anthony had told me that his smile has been a protection charm for him, so he wasn’t an easy target for the bullies at school and I could see that his smile tonight was 100 percent genuine of how he felt about himself and I’m just so proud of him,” she said.

We absolutely adore the new Anthony! Huzzah!


Since day one, child party entertainer Michael fell completely in love with law student and pro-mermaid Tara, and watching their relationship unfold on television has been such a pleasure. Throughout the whole season, the pair shared an immense amount on chemistry on-screen that it would make me feel so awkward watching them. I almost felt like I was invading their personal space.

In the lead-up to Michael’s transformation, the geek reflected on his former self and his journey with Tara. “Coming into this experience, I was trying to round myself out and be more attractive to women. Tara liked me for who I was straight away and gave me so much more confidence,” Michael said. “I think Tara and I have worked so well as a team and developed something so real I feel like I’ve already won so much.”

As soon as he stepped into the room, Tara was extremely supportive and happy for the change that she charged at Michael and planted a big fat kiss on his lips! In that moment, Michael spoke about how Tara made him feel so wanted and it’s just giving straight rom-com vibes. And things just get even more cheesier!

Tara then talked briefly about how she felt about the transformation. “It honestly amazing, because obviously I fell for you before all of this and we grown so much together but this is definitely a cherry on top,” she said.

Super, super, suuuuuper cheesy — and we love it.

Although we stan this makeover, a lot of people had things to say about his new coat…

Unfortunately, after the makeovers, one couple still had to be eliminated. The great hunk of spunk, Jason, and air hostess beauty Emily, were the ones to leave this episode, after loosing to Anthony and Tegan in the elimination round.

The finale is just around the corner and we can’t wait to see who will win this year’s Beauty and the Geek. 

Beauty and the Geek is on Sunday to Wednesday on Channel 9 and 9Now.