Beauty and the Geek 2022 Makeover Chris and Bri BATG

The Latest ‘Beauty And The Geek’ Makeover Has Us Fangirling

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One of the most anticipated moments of Beauty and the Geek are the geeks’ makeovers, and last night’s glow-up has us feeling some kind of way.

Yu-Gi-Oh master, Chris, scored his makeover after he and beauty, Bri, won Monday night’s Beauty and the Geek dog show challenge. The pair won the challenge alongside blossoming couple — Mike and Heidi — who previously won a makeover last week.


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Earlier in the season, some viewers and host Sophie Monk reckoned they saw a resemblance between Chris and rockstar legend Mick Jagger. And on Monday’s episode, our little rockstar finally got the makeover we’ve all been waiting for!

Before the big reveal, Chris got candid about his looks, including his hair and his wardrobe. While discussing his clothing choices, he mentioned that most of his closet items were gifts, or clothes his mum bought for him.

“I’m like a 30-year-old man, and my mum still buys me clothes sometimes,” he joked. Chris also revealed it’s been “approximately” ten years since he last cut his long shaggy hair.

“I’ve always been insecure about my looks. I don’t really think of myself being someone who is worth talking to, but Bri [Chris’ partner] has helped me learn so much. She’s always building me up,” he said as the makeover process began.

Finally, we get Chris 2.0, and the reactions from the cast members were absolutely heartwarming, especially the reaction from his partner in crime, Bri.

Bri was absolutely gobsmacked by the huge transformation, alongside the other beauties who actually got quite emotional with the big reveal.

“Chris looks immaculate, he hasn’t seen himself in the mirror yet… I was speechless, I was actually lost for words,” Bri said. “This is your moment. YOUR MOMENT,” Bri cried as she held the new Chris, and honestly, I may have been choking up as well.


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A post shared by Christopher (@christophermattiske)

Finally, Chris got to have the first glimpse at his new look. “I’ve looked at the same face in the mirror for like 15 plus years, right? I love this,” Chris said, “Even inside, I feel a lot more ready to believe that I am worth people’s time.”

Alongside the physical makeover, we’re already seeing more confidence in Chris and it’s frkn amazing. And of course, the Twitter fans have a lot to say about this absolutely gorg makeover.

So here are the best reactions to Chris and his new look on BATG: 

We know that this won’t be the final makeover, as we seem to be getting a new one every week. However, this makeover, in particular, had us really taken back, and we’re so excited to see the rest of the cast get their new looks to match their newfound confidence!

Last week, we saw Mike get his makeover — and that was just as iconic as this one.

Beauty and the Geek is on Sunday to Wednesday on Channel 9 and 9Now.