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Something’s Up With The Pigeon In ‘Behind Her Eyes’ & Oh Boy, The Internet Has Theories

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Behind Your Eyes is the latest Netflix offering to inspire loads of different internet theories. But one rather random mystery that remains unsolved is what the hell that pigeon is up to in the miniseries.

The six-episode erotic thriller is a real rollercoaster. The series is presented through flashbacks of married couple, Adele and David, whose marriage has become strained from hiding a dark secret, and who both become involved with single mum, Louise. David and Louise start an affair, while Adele helps Louise with her night terrors, and in the process of helping her she introduces Louise to a journal written by an old friend she met in rehab named Rob.

Eventually, Louise grows suspicious over what happened to Rob and whether Adele or David are involved.

If you haven’t watched it yet and don’t want the ending spoiled, I’d advise not reading on…

The season ends in a bonkers way that not many would predict, unless you’re familiar with the book the series is based on. We learn that Rob did not die, he astral projected into Adele’s body. Rob then killed his old body and threw it down a well — in turn killing Adele’s soul. Then after years of living as Adele, reeling from David calling the police, Rob astral projected into Louise’s body, leaving Louise in Adele’s body before injecting her with heroine. Whether Adele (aka Louise) is dead or not is left ambiguous.

The show has a rather sinister final scene, with an unassuming David marrying Louise and driving off together with Louise’s son, who appears alarmed — signalling that he can tell that his mum has changed.

Anyways, back to the pigeon! The pigeon is seen a few times in Behind Her Eyes, but most notably at the end when Louise returns to her home and has been replaced by Rob. The pigeon seems shifty, the pigeon has seen some real shit.

People on Reddit and Twitter reckon the pigeon is more than meets the eye. If you love thrillers and absolutely froff anything in the realm of conspiracy theories — this will be right up your alley.

Here are a few of the most popular theories about the pigeon in Behind Her Eyes:

The pigeon is Louise

This seems like the most obvious explanation, and one that would mean that Louise might be able to return and save her son if the show comes back for a second season. The pigeon being Louise is heavily hinted in the final scenes of the series. “After Adele [Rob] flees the scene in Louise’s body, she enters the apartment and there’s a pigeon sitting on the counter. She coolly stares at it for a few moments until it flies out the balcony door. I believe Louise last-minute swapped bodies with the bird,” one Redditor theorised.

“The incorporation of a bird within the last ten minutes is quite random and seemingly irrelevant…Keeping this in mind, the scriptwriters foreshadowed many things throughout the episodes to build up the ending. Isn’t it probable, by showing the bird for mere seconds, it could be a foreshadowing for the beginning of the following season? If there’s to be a renewed season, and let’s say Louise indeed has moved into the body of a bird, then it was a sly hint embedded in the final moments.”

Another added in agreement, “I think Louise is in the pigeon. It has an almost supernatural glimmer of green to the feathers.” This is true, and the colour of Louise when she astral projected was always bright green.

This being said, some pigeon breeds do just naturally have green on them. Look at this pigeon, it has green on its crest and probably isn’t possessed by a single mum from the UK.

Via WikiCommons

In addition to this, the pigeon appears in the series long before Rob steals Louise’s body. This takes us to the next theory…

The pigeon is Adele

Could the pigeon be the real Adele, watching over Louise and trying to protect her from Rob? It would actually make sense for Adele to project into a bird of all things, as she was murdered by Rob in a forest, so a pigeon may have been one of her only options to transfer her soul into.

This Reddit user wrote, “This pigeon that was on Louise’s patio at the very end when Robdele gets to the apartment is also on the table in the 2nd episode when Louise goes to work early (the day after their first sexual encounter)….could this be the O.G. Adele?”

behind her eyes pigeon

Another Redditor echoed their sentiments, “I think the pigeon is Adele but not Louise. Here is why, as mentioned previously a pigeon showed up earlier and there was a lot of emphasis on it sort of keeping an eye on what has been going on since Rob killed Adele (or thought he did).

“In a last minute effort, Adele transported her soul into a pigeon and has just been keeping tabs, which is why Rob looks at it so menacingly in the apartment. I think the reason she can’t leave the pigeon and reclaim her own body is because she can’t count her 10 fingers, so she’s trapped watching Rob ruin her and David’s life. That is my theory.”

behind her eyes pigeon

I’m almost convinced! But then again, it’s a rather grim fate that Adele is going to be stuck inside a pigeon for the rest of her life. This leads us to, perhaps, the most likely explanation…

The pigeon is just a pigeon

It might be just a pigeon BUT a very wise pigeon, a bird that can sense that Louise is no longer Louise when she returns home from Adele’s in the final episode. This Reddit user wrote, “Louise is sitting on her balcony talking to the pigeon and it’s cooing at her. That last scene with it in the finale must be symbolic of how the bird knows it isn’t her anymore.”

Following this theory, the pigeon simply knew Louise well; well enough to know that when she returned and was replaced by Rob, this was something to be frightened of. Pigeons are known to symbolise peace, love and harmony, and these three qualities are everything Rob is not.

Another explanation could be that the pigeon’s recurring appearance in the series is simply symbolising that someone is always watching Louise — which turns out to be true, as we eventually find out that Rob had been astral projecting and stalking her every move.


Behind Her Eyes is available to stream now on Netflix.