Angela Dethroned Talia On ‘Big Brother’ & Viewers Are Here For It

If you come for the queen, you best not miss and on last night’s Big Brother Angela got her swift revenge on Talia, after days of Talia and Daniel acting like they were the queen and king of the house.

Angela has proven to be the breakout star of the entire season, and on Sunday night’s episode she united against Talia and Dan, plotting with some of the housemates to dethrone the house’s self-elected monarchy.

In an endurance challenge worthy of Australian Survivor, Angela outlasted everyone as she clung on to a hanging beam for the longest time. She, of course, did so in the most fabulous way possible, even taking some time to fix her lipgloss in the process.

After her first challenge win, Angela could nominate three people for eviction and chose Talia, Daniel, and Casey. In the eviction room as the housemates cast their votes, Talia lost in a landslide, receiving 11 votes to evict. In an awkward moment, as Talia was saying goodbye to everyone, Angela attempted to hug her and was savagely rejected.

There is absolutely no love lost between those two.

Talia had been the housemate to beat after already winning two challenges, so Angela taking her out has left viewers absolutely screaming. We don’t deserve Angela.

Angela dethroned the Big Brother queen, and viewers are here for it:

I can’t imagine the show without Angela — we’ve got to keep her in the house until the end.