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Daniel Is The Worst Player In ‘Big Brother’ History & Tbh, I’m Obsessed With Him

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Without a doubt, the one housemate who has dominated this season of Big Brother so far has been Daniel Hayes.

The real estate agent from Geelong has not shied away from conflict in the house, making a scene during the first eviction where he voted out Max Beattie, before starting an ongoing feud with Katie Williams. Aside from causing drama, Daniel monopolises a lot of the episodes for his bizarre behaviour and quirky daily rituals like skipping (badly) and fake tanning.

Daniel is a weird unit, unlike anyone we’ve seen before on this show. He’s the kind of housemate who people either love or hate.

Tbh, I’m kind of obsessed with Daniel and his approach to the game. He’s just so good at being terrible.

Here are a few reasons why Daniel is the worst player in Big Brother history:

Daniel tries waaaaay too hard

Daniel clearly watches a lot of reality TV because he’s constantly trying to create moments that he thinks will make A+ television. When he walked into the house, he repeatedly said, “This is my house now!” just so he could be picked up at every angle.  In his introduction package, after spilling some nonsense about cutting down his opponents with a chainsaw, he told the producers, “That’s going to be a good grab isn’t it?”. The man is shameless.

In the diary room, he says some truly bizarre things which are clearly just something he thinks an iconic housemate would say. However, he lacks the charm of Big Brother legends like Reggie Bird or Tim Dormer, so his comments just come across like he’s trying way too hard and not being his authentic self.

Daniel has shown all his cards from day one

Daniel came into the house and immediately made enemies. He had the chance to save Max and make a powerful ally, but kicked him out. He then set his sights on Katie, and while initially trying to get her onside, he then turned on her and has been coming for her ever since. This is a dangerous tactic because Katie has all the the ‘plane housemates’ on her team, so as soon as one of them win a challenge, Daniel will be their target.

He also just acts like a goddamn psycho when he’s in Katie’s company, which won’t bode well for his chance to be chosen to win Big Brother — as that decision falls to the public.

Daniel simply has no clue how to play the game

Daniel has drawn attention to himself from the very first day. He’s a big personality and even refers to himself as ‘King of the Jungle’. Based on last year’s Big Brother, these kinds of characters get voted out early. There’s a reason why Daniel, Chad and Sophie made the final three in 2020 — they didn’t make any big moves until the final weeks. Hell, I don’t think the eventual winner, Chad, made any moves the entire season.

Then on last night’s episode, Daniel truly proved that he has no clue what he’s doing. As his alliance attempted to blindside Chris, he told SJ about their plan, forgetting that she would, of course, tell Katie, who would then inform Chris.

Nick and Melissa were predictably furious with him. The very definition of a blindside is for your target to not see it coming, so this was just a hilarious clusterfuck on Daniel’s part.

It was very funny, simply because Daniel is so out of his depth.

He’s being played by Nick — and doesn’t even know it

I clocked this from the premiere: Nick is playing a very stealthy, strategic game. Nick is low-key pulling Daniel’s puppet strings, and every time they make a move as a pair, it’s Daniel who cops all the heat by the opposing alliance.

Nick was the one who came up with the idea to blindside Chris — it was not Daniel’s plan at all — yet Daniel’s attention-grabbing antics shielded Nick. At the eviction, Chris said he would want to evict Daniel next, suggesting that Nick’s plan is working: he’s playing Daniel to protect himself in the game.

Nick aligns himself with Daniel when it suits him, but distances himself at other times. It’s actually genius.

Daniel has zero chance of winning this year’s Big Brother, but I truly love watching him try.