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Tea Queen Angela Was Evicted (Again) On ‘Big Brother’ & Fans Are Furious

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The Big Brother house just lost its most watchable housemate as Angela was finally evicted last night — and this time she actually left the show.

The tea-drinking queen had previously been evicted but in a twist she moved into a secret bunker, only to return to the house a few days later. Angela managed to avoid being nominated for a few episodes but her luck ran out last night after Mat and Daniel betrayed their alliance with her and campaigned for her eviction.

Angela knew what was coming and she didn’t go down quietly – instead she came for Chad, then her fellow nominee Casey, and then basically attacked the whole group for not playing the game. We love to see it.

Her rant sealed her fate and Angela received every housemate’s vote, even from her bestie Marissa. She will be missed for her no-fucks-to-give attitude, her penchant for English Breakfast, and her lipgloss addiction. An icon.

Angela’s eviction, despite being the firm favourite among fans all season, shows that the series’ rebooted format is pretty flawed. By not allowing the public to vote to save nominees, the bigger characters are going to keep being voted out by the housemates — which won’t make a particularly interesting reality show.

Fans of Angela are furious our queen was evicted on Big Brother:

Angela made this season and her departure will be felt for weeks to come. #PutOutYourTeaBags

Big Brother returns tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 7.