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A ‘Big Brother’ Icon Was Apparently Axed From The New Season At The Last Minute

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Big Brother fans couldn’t be more pumped for the upcoming season which will see icons of the game return to the house that made their careers, but it turns out one famous face who was meant to be there may have been axed: Skye Wheatley.

Skye appeared on the final season that aired on Channel 9 before the reality show was axed. She was known on the show for her wholesome albeit naive approach to life and she placed third in the 2014 finale. Since that season, Skye has carved out an impressive career as an influencer, growing a following of over half a million on Instagram.

As one of Big Brother’s biggest success stories, it would make sense for her to be included in the 2022 season which will pit legends against new contestants. However, when the line-up was dropped earlier this month, Skye was not in the mix.

According to the So Dramatic! podcast, this wasn’t always the case.

Podcast host Megan Pustetto has claimed that Skye was featured in the show’s original line-up but was dropped at the last minute. The host went on to allege that Skye was cut after she posted an offensive joke on Instagram about her partner, Lachlan Waugh, to her 653k followers.

The comment Skye made was in an Instagram Story, where she mocked her partner’s ability to consent to sex. In response to a question over whether she or Lachlan were more dominant in bed, she wrote “[He] says he doesn’t wonna [sic] have sex… Ain’t nobody telling me no. I won’t take no for an answer if I want sessi time.”

For obvious reasons, the comment plunged Skye into hot water among her followers and she promptly issued an apology. But the damage was done and apparently following the tone-deaf remarks, Skye was cut from the upcoming season.

The controversy happened in September, which according to the podcast was around the time when Big Brother was about to begin filming.

Skye herself has done little to dispel rumours on social media that she was expected to star on the all-stars season. After the line-up was announced, she answered the following question from a fan asking why she wasn’t among the cast of returning contestants, replying “lol”.

This isn’t the first time Skye has found herself in controversy. In 2019, she outraged people for her ignorant and offensive remarks about victims of domestic violence, claiming they “bring it on themselves”.

We’ve reached out to both Channel 7 and Skye regarding the claims made by the So Dramatic! podcast. Skye told Punkee “This is just a rumour, unfortunately I was not asked to be in this line-up. Hopefully next year.”

Even without Skye, the 2022 line-up is stacked with unforgettable former housemates. Making their grand return to the Big Brother house this year will be: Reggie Bird, Tim Dormer, Trevor Butler, Layla Subritzky, Estelle Landy, David Graham, Tully Smyth, and Anthony Drew.

Big Brother is expected to kick off in the coming weeks.