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‘Big Brother’ Kicked Off Last Night & There’s Already A Weird Love Story

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Big Brother kicked off again last night and already this season looks entertaining AF.

With the return of Big Brother royalty competing it out with newbies, there’s already chaos, drama, challenge beasts, and a hint of a love story gone wrong and we’re only in week one. Take it from me, I barely watched Big Brother and even I missed Tim Dormer being on my TV screen.

The returning royalty in episode one: Tim, Reggie, Estelle, and Farmer Dave, won their first challenge as they hid undetected in the Big Brother house, away from the new crew entering. This gave them the power to navigate the icebreaker task, where they impersonated Big Brother and asked the housemates personal questions, deciding who they wanted to dunk in the pool and who survived the plank.

This led us to uncovering more of the secret tension between newbies Sam and Josh, who — dramatic drumroll please — know each other from THE OUTSIDE WORLD.

We learned this when they first entered the house, with Sam being visibly shocked to see Josh — who didn’t seem quite as shocked. Suspicious? A setup you say?!

Josh later wanted to play a game where they hide from the other housemates that the two had previously known each other — and dated — so the BB royalty questioned Sam on the pool plank about how nice it was to meet everyone for the VERY FIRST TIME. She’s saved by admitting who she knows by being dunked, but of course, the other housemates become suspicious.

Also we’re suspicious: how long did these two date for? Why is Josh still pining for Sam after all this time? Did he come into the house knowing she’d be there? Because that’s creepy! Give us answers, Big Brother!

As we’ve seen from the trailer, Sam is going to strike up a romance with returned royalty Drew — and with Josh having his eyes firmly set on Sam, we’re going to be in for a potential love triangle situation.

Congrats Big Brother: you’ve got us hooked.