big brother 2022 tully drew teaser

Tully & Drew Are Headed For Heartbreak In The Latest ‘Big Brother’ Teaser

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It’s been almost 10 years since Tully Smyth and Anthony Drew’s love story unfolded on Big Brother. And now the exes are set to reunite on the new season which will bring the most iconic past housemates back to compete again.

Tully and Drew’s romance was one of forbidden love: when Tully entered the Big Brother house in 2013 she already had a girlfriend. This made Tully and Drew’s flourishing romance quite the scandal back in the day.

Ahead of the new season premiere, Channel 7 have started playing a rather juicy teaser featuring the exes. Thankfully, the clip has been uploaded by Instagram account @bbaureturns, so you can watch it.

Warning: Drully fans, look away now.

Watch the Big Brother teaser for yourself and we’ll discuss below:

OK, much to discuss! Firstly, Tully will enter the house a week into the competition, which suggests that arrivals will be stagnated. As spotted in the teaser, we know Drew, Reggie Bird, Tim Dormer, and David Graham will enter the house first.

Secondly, as soon as Tully arrives she’s confronted with the knowledge that Drew has already become romantically linked to another housemate. “That’s Drew’s new girlfriend,” Tim loudly whispered to Tully. “He’s never single for long,” Tully joked to the group, as she asks Drew “Week one??” to which he replied, “She’s great.”


From here, Tully does not appear to be having a good time. Drew is seen kissing the mysterious brunette in several scenes, as Tully vents to Tim “My heart is broken,” before she tells Big Brother in the Diary Room that “It’s not normal to be in this environment with your ex-boyfriend.”

She’s not wrong!

In one particularly funny moment, Drew is kissing the woman as the camera cuts to Tully pressing her hands against a window, peering through and crying. Back in 2013, Tully became synonymous with tears: she was a housemate that was shown crying almost every episode. And it looks like some things never change.

Big Brother is expected to premiere in the coming weeks and my body is so damn ready.