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‘Big Brother’ Viewers Are Calling The Game “Rigged” After SJ Was (Once Again) Saved From Eviction

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Following weeks of countless twists and turns, Big Brother viewers are officially fed up with the show after SJ was once again shielded from eviction last night.

This season of Big Brother has seen more housemates saved from eviction than ever before. However, the timing of these saves is high-key suss, as Big Brother has a tendency to announce an eviction twist every time the show is about to evict a big character.

Housemates like the Insta-famous SJ and loose unit Daniel have time and time again been given advantages to keep them in the game. Last night, SJ was nominated along with Mary and Marley and was voted out fair and square. But at the last-minute, Big Brother announced that due to the house still living through Hell Week, the contestants had unwittingly voted SJ as Head of House. SJ didn’t just get to stay, but will be treated like a queen for the week.

SJ being spared from eviction follows another twist where she was saved a few weeks back. SJ and Mary were both voted out, but were then able to remain in the house’s attic and watch the housemates, therefore gaining a major advantage in the game.

This means that last night’s save was the second time SJ should have gone home but didn’t. After enduring Walking Dead Week last week where, once again, people were voted off but didn’t actually get evicted, Big Brother viewers are growing frustrated with how the game picks and chooses who deserves to stay in the house.

Some reckon that no matter who was evicted this week, they would have been saved in keeping with the chaos of Hell Week.

But most are calling bullshit, complaining that the competition is rigged to protect big personalities like Daniel and SJ from eviction.

Big Brother returns Monday night at 7:30pm on Channel 7.