A Celebrity Version Of ‘Big Brother Australia’ Is Finally Coming Later This Year

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Calling all Big Brother fans! Boy, do we have some exciting news for you!

At the moment, we’re ramping up to the new season of Big Brother, which is scheduled to hit our TV screens really soon. According to the trailer, this season will star a bunch of social media influencers, including Flex Mami (Lillian Ahenkan), Sarah Jane Adams, and Katie Williams. 

But, it would seem that Channel 7 love the idea of public figures participating in this social experiment because they’ve just announced Big Brother VIP, a spin-off of the show that will feature some of the nation’s biggest celebrities!

Everything We Know About Big Brother VIP

As for a release date, we don’t exactly know when but we do know that it’s happening sometime this year. So block out your calendars, folks!

In terms of the faces we’re going to be seeing, we’re also unclear on that front. We know for sure that Big Brother VIP will be hosted by Sonia Kruger and feature some of Australia’s best-known celebrities. But, I guess we’re just going to have to keep guessing as to who may hop into the house.  Like, which celebrities are willing to be removed from the world they know and locked away for a social experiment? Actually, I can think of many. 

Interestingly enough, Reggie Sorensen who won the third season of Big Brother Australia has thrown her hat in the ring.

I can’t help but wonder if her appearance could happen or if they would save her for some kind of All-Stars version of the show. Let’s hope for the latter because I really wanna see Angela again. 

What are the challenges going to be like? Will the house look any different? Who’s going to get along with who? So many questions, so little answers. 

Who are you hoping to see appear on Big Brother VIP?