Bling Empire

Netflix Just Updated Us On The Lives Of The ‘Bling Empire’ Cast And You’re Not Gonna Like This News

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If you’ve binge-watched Bling Empire and are desperate for more content, have no fear, a new episode is here… kind of. 

The Netflix YouTube account has uploaded a 20-minute long special, where the cast of Bling Empire reflect on all the highs and lows of season one. Now, we know what you’re all thinking, are Andrew and Kelly still together? That’s all revealed in the episode. 

The Context of Kelly & Andrew in Bling Empire

For context, over the course of 8 episodes, Bling Empire gave us a lot to talk about. There was the feud between Anna and Christine, there was Kim’s journey to find her father and of course, there was the penis pump. But, perhaps more than all of these storylines combined, we were interested in the lives of Kelly and Andrew. 

The audience is introduced to Andrew and Kelly’s toxic relationship in the first episode of the season, and throughout the rest of the season, we then bear witness to the aftermath of Andrew gaslighting Kelly. 

But now, despite how much Anna tried to separate them, according to both of their interviews, it seems that Kelly & Andrew are still together and going strong. Sigh. 

Kelly & Andrew’s Statements

“Let’s be honest, let’s get the elephant out of the room,” Andrew says before Kelly adds. “The relationship that changed the most since filming is definitely my relationship with Andrew.”

In the reunion special, Kelly opens up about having the world see into her relationship, saying: “I didn’t know they were gaslighting me until now. I actually had to look it up (and be like) ‘What does that mean?’ So, you know. I definitely see where the audience was coming from. They saw a period – a really dark period – of our relationship. And with Andrew’s behaviour – I don’t excuse it at all. I think it’s 100% wrong. After filming, we took a good, I would say, a 5-month or 6-month break, where we just focused on ourselves.”

Andrew spoke a lot about how he believes he’s grown from the experience. “I feel like I’ve grown a lot.” Andrew said, “Filming felt like, I guess, one of those plants that was, I was in the light and then the construction crew came over and put the concrete and it went dark but now I feel like I’m that plant that you see when you go running that’s bursted through the concrete…. I’ve been able to resolve so many issues that I didn’t know were still open… Like a wound.”

(Personally, I didn’t follow this plant metaphor all the way through, but go off I guess?)

Ultimately Andrew was the one who confirmed that yes, they are still together, saying: “We are together today, stronger, happier than we ever have been.”

Kelly opened up about how they are both growing now that his anger issues are out in the open, saying: “Now that we’re back in communication and back to seeing each other, it’s just been, It’s night and day… The anger issue, honestly, is his darkest secret and now that it’s out in the world, hopefully, it can only go up from here… People change and people forget that he will change too. And he will become better and he will learn from all of this stuff. People aren’t always like that.”

Kelly finished, by saying: “For Andrew and my relationship; if it’s engagement if it’s moving back together in the same household if it’s having a baby; everybody’s lives are different. I’m just living in the present and I’m really grateful for that.”

You can watch the whole special here, where the cast reflects on this relationship and many of the other show’s highlights.

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