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17 Of The Pettiest Things People Have Taken After A Breakup

When a relationship or friendship ends and results in a house move, there are certainly some excellent stories out there of people taking breakup revenge by taking something that doesn’t belong to them.

Whether it was a bitter split or a housemate moving out that you couldn’t resist pranking, it turns out no shoes, light globes, or cutlery are safe.

So we decided to ask people the pettiest thing they’ve taken when moving out after a platonic or romantic relationship breakup.

Here are some of the best (and pettiest) answers:

#1. “I stole my ex’s hat from her apartment. I don’t even wear hats, I just knew she liked it.” – Jules

#2. “The mattress. We lived together for a few months. The bed was mine. He broke up with me while I was travelling for work. When I was back in town a few weeks later, I took that shit. He had to sleep on the floor through the end of that lease.” – keiraluvv

#3. “A mate of mine took the forks and spoons.” – Brad

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#4. “I ripped the second to last page out of the ‘amazing’ book he was reading. He cheated on me MANY times, so… I feel fine about it.” – Kara 

#5. “A piece of the jigsaw puzzle he was in the middle of.” – Michael 

#6. “I took my Netflix password and the good pair of tongs. To this day, I still feel a sense of satisfaction when I cook with them.” – Krissi

#7. “An old housemate once took my bananas (freshly bought) when she left.” – Josh 

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#8. ” I stole his Game of Thrones box set right before Season 8 came out so he couldn’t rewatch them before.” – Hannah 

#9.  “I took all the lightbulbs and toilet paper. I also left some random glitter on things, like his couch cushions and in his shampoo.” – Stacie

#10. “My sister in law took the Playstation 4 but still left the games. Power move.” – Shani 

#11. “After a 15-year friendship breakup I took one of her high heel shoes, so she’d forever be looking for the other one.” – Darcy 

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#12. “My friend took the chicken salt because her ex put it on everything.” – Alisha

#13. “I didn’t take it but I hid his favourite watch in the space behind/under the drawers in his bedside table. It was in its box so it was quite safe, but he always misplaced stuff and expected me to find it so I just reversed that for the multi-cheating asshole.” – Bachie Beast 

#14. “All the fitted sheets and the rubbish bin.” – MissLillyPilly

#15. “I took their speaker, poured water into it, then gave it back.” – Amelia

#16. “My boyfriend’s ex took all of the food in his pantry, and had the meal plan they were on (that’d he’d paid for) redelivered to her house.” – Anon

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And there are those who did the opposite of being petty, while… well, still being petty:

#17. “I did the opposite and returned everything he ever gave me, including lingerie (which like…. I could have kept because what was he going to do with it, but I wanted to be petty more).” – Alex

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