Brooke Blurton Spoke Out Again About Her Breakup With Darvid & He’s Officially Had Enough

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Brooke Blurton has given one of her first interviews since breaking up with Darvid Garayeli, saying the public announcement of the breakup hit her hard.

The couple, who met on the 2021 season of The Bachelorette, shocked fans when they announced their breakup in early 2022. Darvid announced the breakup on his Instagram the day after Brooke’s birthday, and Brooke later hit back, confirming the breakup but saying she didn’t think they were going public with the news.

brooke blurton darvid split

Brooke has now given an interview to NITV’s The Point, saying navigating life and social media after the breakup was incredibly tough.

“Being in the public eye already is so difficult, like dealing with criticism and dealing with trolls and putting yourself out there in a very vulnerable place. It’s already so hard to navigate,” she said.

“It was actually a private breakup, until he [Darvid] decided to go live and put it out to the world,” she continued. “It’s a lot of pressure and I had no choice in any part of it going public.  I feel like it was just to humiliate me, to have one over me, and what else did I have to do?

I was silenced. I was defenceless. I just had to cop it. And that’s exactly what I did.”

Brooke went on to say while she has no regrets doing the show, the negative commentary about her relationship started to impact her.

“It was the tabloids and the online forums… that were really writing the negative commentary, and it was just all rumours, speculation, assumptions. I had cheating accusations put on me and I had no say.”

While stating she was proud of her achievements as the first pansexual and First Nations Bachelor lead, Brooke said her next chapter was going to be focusing on healing and spending time with her family.

“I love TV and I am not scared about it. Maybe [I’ll] just avoid reality love shows!” she said.

Darvid, who has remained quiet about the breakup since his original post, has since spoken out on his own Instagram Story. He screenshotted one of the media outlets who reported on Brooke’s interview, asking, “when will it end?”

“This was never my intention,” he said. “There’s a lot more to the story that hasn’t been shown. I’ve stayed quiet in the hopes it would simmer out, incredibly confused as to why it’s still being dragged on.”

darvid garayeli brooke blurton

Brooke has yet to respond to Darvid’s response.