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Put The Kettle On, Because There’s Even More Tea About Brooke & Darvid’s Split

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Just when you thought things had died down after the split of Brooke Blurton and Darvid Garayeli, we’ve got even more scalding tea about The Bachelorette‘s most shocking breakup.

Before we carry on, we see you in the comments: “Who?” “Who cares?” etc. No one is forcing you to care, that’s fine! No one made you click on this article! But some Bachy fans still like to know the goss after investing their time in watching the show and following the love story — and that’s why we write about it. If you don’t care, maybe even just try carrying on with your day instead of commenting. We’ll see you next time!

Now, for those who can’t seem to tear their eyes away from this train wreck, reality TV podcast So Dramatic! has just released a bonus new episode rehashing the Brooke and Darvid split, as more tea has been leaked by various sources from both Brooke and Darvid’s respective camps.

The host of So Dramatic! Megan Pustetto called it the “most requested tea ever”, saying her DMs had been blowing up with curious Brooke and Darvid fans wondering what the hell went down in what seemed like a picture-perfect relationship.

Let’s rehash things for a second:


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We all know by now, things seemed to be going well for the couple after The Bachelorette finale: Darvid had moved to Melbourne, the two had been posting loved-up social media content up until Christmas, and then all of a sudden on January 2, a day after Brooke’s birthday, Darvid posted an Instagram Story saying the two had gone their separate ways.

The split was baffling to many fans of The Bachelorette, with people speculating something must’ve gone down over the New Year’s period for the two to go from Instagram couple goals to splitsville.

So Dramatic! can confirm the pair did spend New Year’s Eve together,” said Pustetto.  “A So Dramatic! listener spotted Brooke and Darvid together on New Year’s Eve and they said, ‘I saw Brooke and Darvid together at a restaurant I was at on Friday night, they walked in holding hands and they were joined by another couple soon after and they sang happy birthday to someone.”

With Brooke’s birthday being January 1, it was also confirmed that Darvid was at her birthday bash — the start of it, anyway.

“On New Year’s Day, which also happens to be Brooke’s birthday, she celebrated with a group of friends and Darvid was noticeably absent from the event. However, So Dramatic! can confirm that Darvid did attend Brooke’s birthday party,” said Pustetto.

“Now to the crux of the story,” Pustetto said. “Darvid revealed the couple had broken up via his Instagram story on January 2.”

So what happened on New Year’s Day AKA Brooke’s birthday?

According to Pustetto, a source close to Brooke had this to say about Brooke’s birthday bash:

“Darvid was there early on. Things weren’t good between them but they were trying to work through it. Darvid was really drunk and acting erratically. Brooke wasn’t drinking too much. They had a big argument, Brooke told him to leave her birthday, so he left. She didn’t cry once, I think she knew in her heart it was over and it wasn’t what she wanted anyway.”

They then called Darvid’s Instagram Story announcing the breakup a “knee-jerk reaction”.

“I think Darvid immediately regretted posting it. It was a knee-jerk reaction and posted in anger as a response to the heated argument they had the night before.”

Two sources from Darvid’s camp said he was “embarrassed” and “very upset”.

The source from Brooke’s camp then said they believe that Brooke would’ve been willing to work things out with Darvid up until the point of his Instagram Story. “Once that post was made, there was no turning back. Darvid shot himself in the foot. Brooke was trying to keep things contained, she wanted to sort things out in private first before going public with anything.”

Pustetto then talked about a video uploaded at Brooke’s birthday bash by one of her friends, where you can hear Brooke talking in the background saying “I’ve never had a partner like that,” while one of her friend’s replied, “you’re not his mother”.

What happened after the big announcement?

In the wake of the split, Darvid and Brooke unfollowed each other on Instagram, perhaps alluding to the fact things weren’t as amicable as what they had made out. So Dramatic! now claims the two have taken it one step further and blocked each other.

“Following this, a number of posts were made in the So Dramatic! podcast community Facebook group, discussing the split,” Pustetto said.  “Now, Brooke is actually a member of the group and she liked a number of comments left by members.”

Brooke liked a comment that read “on another note, do you guys reckon he was in it for love or clout?” and also liked one that said, “So very disappointed with the rush to announce on social media. Do they not have a professional PR management team? This reeks of spite and this makes me sad for Brooke”.

While Brooke then took to Instagram again last week to reveal that she was the one who broke up with Darvid and was still grieving the death of her sister, she also released a statement to So Dramatic! that read:

“From the moment I was on The Bachelor, I have felt so much pressure to be a good role model, from being an Aboriginal rights activist to encouraging inclusion and diversity. Everything has been so hard and so pressured and I felt like I couldn’t breathe.

The show was hard in itself and the aftermath was even harder. You’ve got to imagine: I’m inundated with requests and pressures from people, my family, and my relationship constantly, and never had the chance to really just breathe. My sister’s death has been really hard and every day I am just keeping my head above water.

I actually broke it off with Darvid because there was too much pressure to show this perfect relationship when our relationship has been nothing of. I didn’t communicate our plan to come out together with him, and he had every right to.”

What about those infidelity rumours?

There has been no evidence to back up the rumours that Brooke cheated on Darvid when he went home for Christmas.

“The rumour was that Brooke had cheated on Darvid while he was away for Christmas,” Pustetto said.  “I reached out to Brooke and Darvid to ask firsthand if there was any cheating on either side of their split, and both of them denied there was any cheating involved.”

And Brooke’s sources say she started to see “red flags”:

Pustetto then talked of sources telling So Dramatic! that Brooke did instigate the split, saying she had wanted to end things but didn’t want to do it over Christmas.  The same source said Brooke had slowly started to see red flags, so she asked Darvid for space over Christmas. She was originally meant to go to Brisbane with him, but “she pulled out last minute because she didn’t want to act fake”.

“Things were getting tense, they were having a lot of arguments, and things were just turning to shit. She was exhausted by all the fighting and just wanted to be on her own,” the source told Pustetto.

Another source close to Brooke told Pustetto that, “A lot of boundaries were crossed”. “Darvid had no respect for Brooke, he crossed all of her boundaries — physical, emotional, cultural, everything. Brooke said she wanted to end things and he didn’t take it well. They wanted two very different things out of the relationship.”

Another source said things were fine when they were doing long-distance. “When Darvid moved, the energy shifted and things changed. He was insecure about Brooke financially supporting him after he moved, and within the timeframe of him moving he seemed to lose himself. He was no longer working and seemed to have no purpose. Moving in that quick was the worst decision they could’ve made.”

Darvid’s sources say he felt the two had lost their romance:

A source close to Darvid then said that Darvid felt the two had lost the romance of the relationship once the cameras had stopped rolling. “Darvid felt the romance had died once they moved in together, Brooke tried to bring the romance back, however they couldn’t even sit through the dinner without arguing. It was fights like this that kept happening.”

Since the breakup, Darvid has posted about selling his Brisbane home at auction for $750,000, and recently uploaded a selfie in Tasmania with the caption, “Good to get away from it all for a minute”.

Is this the last of it?

We hope the two can now pick up the pieces and move on with their respective lives, but of course, we’ll keep you updated if there’s any more drama.

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